A vintage film camera lens detailed view

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For almost two centuries, the science and art of photography has allowed people to capture the world around them through carefully crafted lenses.But with each passing year the industrial giants that used to churn out rolls of film stuttered and shuttered. Brick and mortar, high-street camera stores and the labs that used developed films closed their doors. Today, there are no loading cameras with rolls of film and winding on, no more running out of film at the perfect moment, no more getting prints back from the lab to find that a stray thumb or a dose of red eye has ruined a ‘perfect’ shot, no negatives to get scratched or lost or covered in dust. Film photography was almost killed off by the digital era, but committed photography enthusiasts refuse to abandon the traditional camera and this frame is a visual treat for all those who still believe that a ‘real photo’ is the one shot with a vintage lens.


  • Choose from the single and more frame combinations. Please refer to the DIMENSIONS below.
  • Prints on high quality matte finish canvas.
  • Frames come ready to hang on the wall.
  • Choose from the following framing types:

1. Mounted Artwork
  • Mounted on a wooden frame.
  • High quality canvas stretched on a wooden frame.

2. Mounted Artwork with Black Frame

  • High quality canvas stretched on a wooden frame and accented by a black frame all around.


Single Frame Large: 54"W x 30"H

Made In India



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