Drizzling Florals Cushion Cover

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Nature’s abundance never seizes to inspire us. For centuries, we’ve used floral wreaths and bouquets to decorate our homes. Just a whiff of fresh fragrance is enough to soothe all our senses and fill us with renewed energy. Flowers remain integral to our wellbeing. It was only during the 12th century we started depicting floral motifs in prints and embroideries. It is quite remarkable that something that has transcended from thousands of years continues to charm even today.


No one can resist the charm of flowers; they enrapture you by their very presence.  A small floral print adds lighter and whimsical feel while lending personality to a space. Adding style in a serene way, this soft print can transform your décor scheme.


Seen here is Drizzling Florals Decorative Cushion, from the Floral Wings collection.



Front: 100% Linen Printed

Back: Blended Fabric


We recommend you buy Gulmohar Lane Special Cushion Fillers for a snug fit. Add fillers to your order in add-ons or Click Here to buy separately.


WASH CARE: Dry Clean Only



16" Length x 16" Width


Cushion Fillers

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