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Earth's only natural satellite and 5th largest moon in solar system is simply called "the moon" because people didn't know other moons existed until Galileo Galilei discovered 4 moons orbiting Jupiter in 1610.The moon was likely to be formed after a Mars-sized body collided with Earth.The brightest and largest object in our night sky, the moon makes Earth a more livable planet by moderating our home planet's wobble on its axis, leading to a relatively stable climate. It also causes tides, creating a rhythm that has guided humans for thousands of years.Illustration of this celestial wonder in a black and white backdrop is sure to make a mystical impact on the viewers.


  • Choose from the single and more frame combinations. Please refer to the DIMENSIONS below.
  • Prints on high quality matte finish canvas.
  • Frames come ready to hang on the wall.
  • Choose from the following framing types:

1. Mounted Artwork
  • Mounted on a wooden frame.
  • High quality canvas stretched on a wooden frame.

2. Mounted Artwork with Black Frame

  • High quality canvas stretched on a wooden frame and accented by a black frame all around.


Triple Frames :18"W x 30"H Each

9 Frames: 12"W x 10"H Each

Made In India



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