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In the early days of electrical lighting, Thomas Edison invented the long-burning filaments which became famous in his name. Today, the vintage look and the subtle glow of the tungsten filament creates an ambiance that sets a welcoming mood for any classic interior. Like the original, the bulb sometimes ends in a small glass tip created when turn-of-the-century manufacturers sealed the bulb. Position it within a clear shade or exposed socket to admire its shape and ambient glow.  This small teardrop  shaped candelbra lamp is perfect for  chandeliers and contemporary lighting.


  • Ready to Ship.
  • 25W
  • Smoked golden glass for an antique look
  • C35L  Teardrop  Shaped Candlebra  Bulb
  • Suitable for most Chandeliers and Light fixtures with E14 Holder
  • Deco Z Chandelier Filament
  • 220 volts
  • 2500- 3000 hours projected lifespan
  • Base E14 (Small Screw)


35mm W x 135mm H

Made In China



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