Vintage Globe Filament Bulb (Large)

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In the early days of electrical lighting, Thomas Edison invented the long-burning filaments which became famous in his name. Today, the vintage look and the subtle glow of the tungsten filament creates an ambiance that sets a welcoming mood for any classic interior. Position it within a clear shade or exposed socket to admire its shape and ambient glow.  The Spherical shape of this large G95 style is perfect to add that touch of subtle glamour to your space.


  • 40W
  • Smoked golden glass for an antique look
  • Spherical G95 Globe Shape Bulb
  • Quad loop tungsten filament
  • 220 volts
  • 2500-3000 hours projected lifespan
  • 140 lumens – each represents the brightness of one candle
  • Standard Edison base E27 (Screw)


Size: 95mm W x 130mm H

Made In India



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