Our Belief Sustainibility

Our Belief Sustainibility

“There must be a better way to make the things we want, a way that doesn’t spoil the sky, or the rain or the land”.

- Paul McCartney

Gulmohar Lane is a furniture brand rooted in sustainability. Our ethical and environmentally friendly collections are inspired by global cultures with a heart rooted in India. At Gulmohar Lane, we’re dedicated to transforming the home & furniture industry through mindful and creative products using sustainably harvested materials. We’re making conscious commitments to design more sustainable furniture and to improve our impact for a better planet. We believe in using honest and sustainable materials in our products. It is the guiding principle of our aim to honor our environment, and the future of planet Earth and create a more sustainable brand that values the natural resources available to us.


Inspired by a slow life philosophy, we at Gulmohar Lane aim by producing designs and products that intentionally fulfill the parameters of sustainability. We are aware of the impact that our choices have on the environment, and overall well-being. We value age-old knowledge and hope to help keep it alive. We love the character in each of our creations and believe it is the unique handmade nature of our products that provides it an aesthetic to cherish by our patrons.


Gulmohar Lane is committed to sustainability by finding creative ways to repurpose wood scraps. We exclusively design our products so that every inch of the wood comes to use. Our Gulmohar Lane Kids wooden toy collection has been curated from wood fragments obtained while our furniture frames are cut out. Yet each of our products is unique in its splendor, showcasing its individual natural journey. Our future generations will only benefit from a sustainable environment if we start taking small measures now onwards.


Sourcing sustainable wood is integral to our ethos of working with nature. Selecting the suitable wood for our furniture designs calls for careful evaluation of grain patterns, measuring each plank, and verifying the moisture content. We support sustainable forest management methods and safeguard the environment for future generations by purchasing goods made from wood that has been ethically obtained.


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