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Dining Chairs

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Dining Chairs for Contemporary and Stylish Homes

Just like the kitchen is the heart of a home, the dining room is the soul. It is where you enjoy deliciously cooked meals with family and friends and spend hours of conversations. In a place so memorable, why should your dining chairs be ordinary when you can buy spectacular and stunning dining chairs online at Gulmohar Lane?

Keeping in mind both comfort and aesthetics, Gulmohar Lane’s Dining Chair Online Collection offers the utmost versatility with designs that can seamlessly transition from a classic dining set to a contemporary bistro seating for your breakfast nook. Whether it is a classic wingback armchair, a high chair or a minimal open-back wooden dining chair, comfort is what you are certain to find in this diverse range of modern dining chairs. From the formal Vienna Leather Dining Chairs to the more casual Darjeeling Estate Armchairs or Prague Rattan Dining Chairs - our range of modern design can fit into a plethora of interior aesthetics and make sure there's enough space for everyone to gather around the table.

Handcrafted with meticulous attention to detail, our dining table chairs seamlessly blend form and function and encourage guests and family to stay a while with their perfect proportions and ergonomic silhouettes.

Recently Viewed Questions?

Yes, it is a very common and trendy practice to mix and match dining chairs of different styles. Breaking up the monotony can help make a dining space feel more relaxed and casual. So, whether you prefer a bistro-style wooden dining chair or a farmhouse-style floral-printed upholstered dining chair, the choices are endless. The only thing to remember when doing so is to ensure that all your dining chairs are of the same or similar height and complement one another, so that your guests are able to comfortably be at the same level.

Dining room chairs and one of the most versatile style of chairs in your home! From being set in rows around a formal dining table to being placed as side chairs for extra seating around the dining space or living room, they can easily transition into different roles. They can also be incorporated as seating around the kitchen island, in the foyer or as a study chair from time to time.

Although used interchangeably, dining chairs and accent chairs serve different purposes. An accent chair often has a much lower seat to be closer to the ground, a plush cushioned seat and a high back. Whereas classic dining chairs are crafted to be much lighter and not as reclined, so that they can be maneuvered around the dining room easily. More recently, comfortable designs like our Malabar Upholstered Dining Chair and The High Chair have also become stylish options for a contemporary dining room experience.

The most popular choice if you buy dining chairs online recently has been upholstered fabric or leather dining chairs in bold patterns and vibrant colours for an eclectic look. This can also be done through bright tie up cushions upon metal dining chairs. Scandi dining chairs with warm natural textures and inviting earthy tones such as sleek wooden dining chairs, rattan dining chairs and paper cord woven dining chairs. These biophilic designs bring a balance of minimal yet rustic aesthetic to your home. Browse through Gulmohar Lane’s Dining Room collections and discover trendsetting designs that reflect your personality and taste.


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