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Unique Wallpaper That Turns Your House into A Forever Home

Make the ultimate style statement with our new range of wallpaper and decals that are one-of-a-kind. Our extensive range of wallpaper is high-quality and offers a sense of nostalgia with its variety of shades, textures, patterns, and designs that offer a unique touch to your space. We carefully curate our collection of wallpaper online to create beautiful designs which are perfect for homes and workspaces.

Gorgeous Collection of Wallpaper  

At Gulmohar Lane, we offer you gorgeous, imaginative wallpaper designs to spark your imagination and make your space a hundred percent unique. Right from IKAT fields midday bloom wallpaper that offers a mix of haze, colors, and vast beauty to add luxury and elegance to your interiors to Summer Garden wallpaper that bathes your wall in blooms, sunlight, tall grass, and more.

We even offer royal and Palace Bagh wallpaper online if you want your home interiors to feel the grandeur and elegance of the forgotten times.

Let Us Help You Make The Right Wallpaper Choice
With years of experience, our professionals have handpicked each wallpaper to meet your needs and offer you a stunning choice. We are always available to help you choose the ideal wallpaper or even mix and match some wallpapers so that you can create something unique for your home.

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