Coffee Tables

Coffee Tables

Storage Coffee Tables & Trunks for Living Room

One of the most important pieces of furniture in your living room - A coffee table can become the focal point that grounds the space and also become a versatile stage for all your styling adventures! With everything and everyone else circling around it, a timeless coffee table can act as a conversation starter that also adds functionality to your space! The best way to incorporate the latter is through a storage coffee table for a clutter-free space. Be it a wooden coffee table with pocket storage for your favorite reads and magazines or a storage coffee table with drawers that seamlessly hides all your knick-knacks, Our captivating collection of online coffee tables and center tables with storage combine elegant designs with modern sensibilities, giving you the perfect blend of form & function.

Flaunting a wide range of textures including tables with sleek wooden finishes, vintage-looking leather-clad surfaces and even versatile upholstered designs, our handcrafted coffee tables with storage solutions can elevate any interior style with their utilitarian and minimalist touch. Combining years of tradition with a contemporary flair, our meticulously crafted Leather Trunk Coffee Tables infuse an exceptionally classic look to any space, all the while giving you ample space to stow away extra cushions, throws, books and more. Ideal for smaller homes or apartments alike, round coffee tables with a lift-tops such as our upholstered Sydney Storage Coffee Table add the luxurious allure of natural fabrics to your space and give you an opportunity to experiment and display your personality. Explore our thoughtfully designed and curated collection of Living Room Furniture and buy storage coffee tables from contemporary minimalist to vintage heirloom-inspired designs.

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There are a few go-to staples, when it comes to styling and accessorizing coffee tables - a few books stacked, candles for an aromatic atmosphere and flowers. Consider a tall vase to center a round coffee table or a tray layered with decorative objects for a square coffee table. With the tabletop set, the deep drawers of a storage coffee table can be packed with your media accessories, board games, chargers or even your weekly magazine pile. Another one can be used to keep extra throws, or even coasters for when you want to settle your coffee cup down. Explore our online storage coffee tables collection and style it with elements that give a good balance between aesthetics and functionality.

There is no double that a storage coffee table is great to keep clutter contained and essentials on-hand for family game night and tea time with friends. But there are many variants of the category that you should know before deciding which coffee or center table with storage to buy online. Gulmohar Lane’s expansive range captures many such offerings as well! From coffee tables with hidden storage drawers like the Cinema Storage Coffee Table, to coffee tables with drawers and open compartments for easy everyday access to snacks, books and stationery. Coffee table with shelf space such as our Ubud Coffee Table or Concrete Island Tunnel Coffee Table are also an ideal combination of style and functionality, offering a space where mail and remotes and board games find a home too. Our Leather Trunk Coffee tables with drawers and without are one of the best ways to tidy up unnecessary clutter of kids toys or video games from the floor at any given time, while also adding a nostalgic and timeless appeal. Lastly, Coffee tables with lift top or removable top such as our drum shaped Sydney Storage Coffee Table are another great choice for housing extra blankets and throws.

From the straightforward idea of coffee tables acting as mere functional pieces, their role and designs have changed drastically over the years. They are now sculptural and artistic statement pieces that tie the room together. Lately, we have been spotting more and more architectural style sculptural wooden coffee tables, rustic coffee tables in wicker or rattan, sleek metal nesting tables and monoblocks coffee tables in concrete or marble. Coffee tables with storage have also become increasingly popular with designs featuring practical drawers and hidden storage for you to have plenty of space to keep all your essentials within arm’s reach.


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