Coffee Tables and Trunks

Coffee Tables and Trunks

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Contemporary Handcrafted Coffee Tables & Trunks

Whether you're on the lookout for an art deco inspired timeless coffee table to exude an air of sophistication next to your sofa or a minimal nesting coffee table to save space and hold your morning coffee, our collection of coffee tables has you covered! Combining timeless classics with a contemporary flair, explore our collection of coffee tables online that seamlessly blend functionality and aesthetics, offering you the ideal space to tuck away your knick-knacks or showcase your favorite books, coffee mugs, and accessories.

Our captivating collection of coffee tables and center tables for living room, showcase the timeless beauty of different wood finishes, the retro charm of leather-clad coffee tables, and the subtle elegance of coffee tables with storage as they harmoniously converge to elevate any interior style. With meticulous attention to detail, our artisans embellish these coffee tables with intricate rattan, seagrass or brass accents, infusing your living room with character and a delightful touch of personality. Additionally, if you are looking to add a vintage charm to your living room without compromising on utility, our wooden coffee table with deep drawers or our heirloom-inspired handcrafted leather trunks are the perfect place to store away your blankets while you lounge on the sofa with a cup of tea.

At Gulmohar Lane, our master artisans go beyond fleeting trends, crafting timeless pieces that exude elegance and durability. Explore our diverse selection and buy coffee tables from contemporary minimalist to bold art-deco designs.

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There is a lot to consider before deciding on the perfect coffee table for your living room. The shape and scale of the table are one of the most important factors. Round coffee tables generally take less space and allow more space to move around freely, which could be a desirable trait in smaller spaces. Sleek round coffee tables that are stackable also add a touch of visual softness and help create a cohesive and cozy space. Whereas rectangular and square coffee tables take more space but also add a more robust structure to the setting. They can easily complement the geometry of any large structural spaces and add a more functional look. In the end, the choice comes down to personal preferences and your home’s aesthetic.

As such, there is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to coffee tables. However, in most settings an ideal coffee table’s height ranges from 16” to 18”, and its width ranges from 18” to 24”. This dimension is based on the simple understanding that a coffee table should be about two-thirds the length of a standard sofa, so as to be comfortably within an arm's reach. Generally, modern coffee tables are placed approximately within 14 inches from the sofa and often at a lower height than the sofa itself.

The sky really is the limit, when looking for ways to decorate your coffee table. An important thing to consider is that the styling should ideally have a good balance between the aesthetics and functionality. Firstly, select an overall theme or colour palette. Then choose a combination of pragmatic and playful pieces such as a tray or trinket, a few aromatic candles, a small vase for succulents and a couple of your favourite books or magazines. You could also incorporate a mix of family photos or unique decor objects that infuse your personality and add character to the arrangement.

From the straightforward idea of coffee tables acting as mere functional pieces, their role and designs have changed drastically over the years. They are now sculptural and artistic statement pieces that tie the room together. Lately, we have been spotting more and more architectural style sculptural wooden coffee tables, rustic woven coffee tables in wicker or rattan, sleek metal nesting tables and monoblocks coffee tables in concrete or marble. Coffee tables with storage have also become increasingly popular with designs featuring practical drawers and hidden storage for you to have plenty of space to keep all your essentials within arm’s reach.


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