Smart Fabric Finishes and Add-ons

Ready to be amazed? Playing games, Breakfast on our sofa, Perfect white fabrics, Reading the Times. Everything just right. Phone rings. Newspaper falls on breakfast tray. Cranberry juice flies on favorite scatter pillow. Relaxed mood is ruined. Good thing your sofa fabric  isn't!

Our Smart fabrics use an innovative process to build spill resistance into the individual fibers, so fabrics hold up under the toughest spills. You'll never sacrifice softness or durability, though - This technology makes your sofa upholstery stay looking beautiful, feel softer, longer. Our Smart Fabric Finishes with Hydrophobic and Oleo-phobic properties repel water or any liquid and does not let them stain easily. Our Fabrics which are treated with these finishes are  "super-hydrophobic" and "oleo-phobic," meaning it repels almost any liquid on a wide range of materials. This means these fabrics will repel liquid stains, which may be a headache for most houses with kids and frequent visitors. This innovative finish creates a near invisible barrier of air over surfaces on the nano-scale. These surfaces can range from refined oil, wet concrete, water, mud, tea, coffee and other liquids.

Our Smart Fabric Finishes:

  • Repel liquids
  • Outperform conventional fabric treatments
  • Provide long lasting protection
  • Extend the life of the fabric
  • Retain fabric's natural softness
  • Allows fabric to breathe naturally

You can order these finishes on our upholstered products on the product page, right below the Sofa Selection menus in the name of 'Add-ons' for an extra cost.


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