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Made in cast metal, we offer brass casters as add ons for the sofas, armchairs and benches where it is possible to add them in front legs. Here is the convenient product link to order the brass casters in case you have missed ordering the same in the add ons when you ordered the main product. 

IMPORTANT: Please note that we do not sell brass casters separately and any order which is not corresponding to the main sofa order will be cancelled and will not be processed. 

  • In case you have already received the sofa/ armchair and realised that you forgot to order the designs with casters, you can still order casters here. However, please choose the relevant option in the menu below. 
  • There are two product variants:
        1. A Pair of brass casters for order in Processing: Order this for the products where teh order is still in processing and not sent from our factory. In this case we will add the brass casters in the existing product.

        2. A Pair of brass casters for Orders delivered (with Legs): Order this in case you have already received the sofa and you realised that you forgot to add casters to your order. In this case, we will send you additional legs with brass casters in the same design as your original order. Please allow 4 weeks for these additional legs. In this case you can retain the original legs as well as the new legs when you receive them. Please note the legs will need to be changed by the customer with simple Do It Yourself Assembly instructions. 

  • Once you place this order, please send an email to to inform about this order and the original order number n which you purchased sofas/ armchairs from us.  You can call us on +91 8824040096, Monday-Saturday (10 AM - 6.30 PM) to get more details about this product. 

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