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We understand your need to see if all the pieces of furniture you are buying from us fit into your space correctly. We give you ideas how to combine a straight line sofa with a classic hand tufted Chesterfield sofa and adding that beautiful printed accent chair.  We also tell you how to  combine two different materials like leather and fabric in the same shapes kept next to each other and make the whole room look like a beautiful interior space. We will suggest you the lighting and other decor items like cushions and side tables that you can combine to bring in more warmth to your room. We will suggest the designs as per your taste and preferences and give you a layout that will transform your space and will even inspire many others who visit you. 


  • This is a one time service where we charge for giving you a layout with Gulmohar Lane furniture and decor items like lighting, cushions etc., plugged into your space.
  • We will need an AUTOCAD file from your architect/ builder. Our designers will use the same drawing to plot Gulmohar Lane furniture in the layout. If you are not able to find an AutoCAD file, pls share a PDF or jpeg of the layout and our designers would try their best to give you the best possible options.
  • The layout is a 2D digital layout  with line drawings, product pictures and swatch suggestions and not a 3D rendition.
  • The fee for this service is ₹ 10,000 plus GST. The same will be adjusted against your first order with us (Excluding GST).
  • The furniture and decor suggestions will be limited to Gulmohar Lane products only.
  • The fee is non refundable in case the customer does not purchase any products from Gulmohar Lane.
  • For more informations please give us a call on +91 8306682404, Monday-Saturday (9:30 AM - 6:00 PM) or drop us an email at You can also chat with us on our website.

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