Pomegranate Garden Cushion Cover

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In courtyards; a beautiful pomegranate tree. Beneath that smooth and bitter crust lies hundreds of tiny scarlet sappy seeds. Inspired by the gorgeous Indian stately gardens rich with pomegranate trees.

Our woodlands are a setting of absolute love, a characteristic expression of pre-modern India that represented a world of amusing beauty of diverse wildlife, and primitive trees. Like a beautiful backdrop to mythical narratives our Sacred Indian Trees print is a metaphor of enchanted forests and rich sacred grooves; like the great Banyan, Peepal, Neem, red and white Sandalwood, Pomegranate and Lemon trees . With a detailed hand-painted theme that captures the ancient lands; the beautiful Indian birds like the Koel, Cuckoo, Mynas, Crows and Parrots alongside the little divine details to make your home interiors evoke a splendid statement of style and recount a beautiful saga.

Seen here is The Pomegranate Garden Decorative Cushion, from the collection.

Ready to Ship

Front - Printed 100% Linen

Piping - Thin cord

Back - Blended fabric with zipper and a flap

Trims – Zipper

Wash Care – Dry Clean Only

DIMENSIONS - 12” Length x 22” Width

Made In India



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