A perfect side table for your comfortable yet functional decor.

Posted on October 17th, 2016 10:53 AM

The eighteenth century was a time when many of the elegancies of home decor furnishings first came into existence. Most functional of them being Side Tables, also known as Night Stands.

More than just a place to keep books and that annoying alarm clock, side tables are an important ingredient of your bedroom decor where you can showcase artistic pieces or your family memories right next to your bed.

Stan Side Table

Though, an enormous bed or a comfortable sitting arrangement is the main focal point of any bedroom or living room decor. But it is really important to design a space that is stylish, comfortable yet functional. From living to bedroom, decor is incomplete without side table additions.

The compact design with ample storage is perfect for your large and small spaces. 

  Austin Side Table

Inspired by the 18th Century rustic decor, our side tables are a perfect match to store your everyday essentials right next to you.