A Summer Soothing Home Story

Posted on April 2nd, 2022 11:57 AM

A summer soothing home story

Some homes tell you their story right from the beginning. Could be its rich history of the last inhabitants or an ingenious narrative woven by a thoughtful architect. While some houses are more like blank opuses, resting in wait for a new story to be written.

Homes, spaces, and areas – marked for inhabitance deserve a vast thought process to create it into a place that allows one to live with things they love, add warm comfort, and soothe with its look and feel too.

In this blog, we will follow an aesthetic that allows for an epic story to begin in the language of interior design! Keep Reading…. 

There is usually one thing standing in the way of an open, soothing airy feel – clutter, how much of the things do you need? Do the make-do furniture purchases and collected trinkets deserve their continued pride of place? When you start stripping away what you think you can live without, you could be left with very little. And maybe that works in the peaks of summer and allows better organization at home!

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The word you are looking for is WARM MINIMALISM!
Good-looking vs Convenient
There is an old saying that goes ‘have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful’. There are a few basics to getting this assessment right.
For example, a bulky light fitting can be replaced with simple elegant lighting solutions like a sleek floor lamp or a hanging pendant in subtle prints - that take up less space and deliver a cooler more clean-cut solution. Furniture is another great example of ‘beautiful vs useful’. A bookcase of dusty old hardbacks, a rarely used nest of tables, an ornamental cabinet that acts as a make shift surface for keys and small change. Sound familiar? From overflowing magazine racks to rugs that you’ve never liked, the list of items is going to be a lot lengthier than you projected.

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Minimalist Furniture 

There would be little point in creating a living space if the furniture that sits in that space doesn’t match the stripped-down theme – a puffed out overly filled dark-colored leather couch is going to look mismatched in a room that takes its style from reduced materialism to add a soothing vibe. Instead opt for clean-lined structures based on making the best possible use of straight lines and subtle colors. This could very well be used with the airy scheme of rattan products or sleek modern looks with metal leg frames. The idea is to add an airy-feel to spaces while they are comfortable too. 

The same applies to adding a little greenery to your décor. Lush flowers and tumbledown vase dwellers are great for adding movement and life to colorful multi-function rooms while honoring the spring season and works as a layer when placed in a warming minimalist theme.

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Which Color Scheme is works?

Making the switch from a lived-in heavy look to a warm living space needn’t be all about dull greys, and washed out hues. The significant thing here is to tie your décor to the purpose of the room.

Choose colors within the same family to avoid bright clashes that could take away from the minimal aesthetic and the soothing aura. Try to stick to a limited choice of colors and shades within a color family to help promote the stripped-down feel. For the focal furniture items opt for ivory and family and layer with subtle colors to compliment the look, although feel free to add color in forms of smaller pieces like vases, curios or cushions to add a bit of character! 

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There’s something about each new summer season that brings a need for home rejuvenation. After months of longer darker nights there is finally an opportunity to throw open the doors and windows, let a little light and air into the home. Celebrate natural light, and get in furniture and home décor that celebrates your aesthetic – pick simple elegance! Explore inspiration and shop online on www.gulmoharlane.com