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The calendar pages slip through our hands like falling sand through a fist, with the haze and daze of a bustling New Year afoot, there is a whirlwind of friendly soirees and family gatherings at every turn at the start of January. But as we jump into the shiny, new and exciting times with resolutions about every new chance; it’s only ‘Natural’ for us to want to reflect on the journey it has taken for us to get this far. Don’t just sit down and start conjuring up ‘Starting from now on..’ visions of daily exercise, reading more, saving money or travelling more; but look within and find the gems that grace your life with stability, comfort and pleasure in this rapidly changing world. One such treasure – your Home!

Hence as you move towards a time of self-reflections, resolutions and visions of life transformation with the brimming energy and motivation of the new year, capture the small victories that you make along the way with new additions for your home that not just acknowledge your growth but also give you a space that emphasizes on your new lifestyle goals. Hence, whether you aim to embrace a more conscious lifestyle, reorganize your workspace or promise to take more long walks in the open as the clock strikes midnight, the following blog charters an enchanting course, mapping out New Year’s resolutions for both you and your home!


Hidden beneath the exponential surge of sappy green tones and rattan textures in homes, lies the most notable design and lifestyle trend of the past few years – Sustainability. Redefining the way homeowners think about decorating their interiors – from landscaping to their choice of materials in the home, sustainability and eco-conscious decision-making have entered every facet of our lives. One transformative step towards embracing this lies in the incorporation of multifunctionality in furniture and decor choices. An ideal example is our Cochin Rattan Storage Ottoman which not only maximizes the utility of every square foot of your floor space, doubling down as both a restful seat and an easy keep for your daily spread of throws and cushions but also aligns with the principles of mindful living with its intricately woven rattan facade. Similarly, the use of our Cinema Storage Coffee Table  adds a swanky wooden element to your living room or lounge nooks, that displays a generous tabletop for all your coffee mugs, while its deep and seamless storage drawer holds all your daily reads and extra throws in place.

You could also bring the outdoors inside for a harmonious and calming ambience through responsibly sourced natural elements across your living spaces. We take great pride in our efforts towards the unified vision of moving towards responsible sourcing. Whether it is for our range of handwoven baskets, which comes from artisanal communities that have kept the craft of cane weaving alive for years, our fourth-generation sofa karigars who grace every stitch and seam of our timeless sofas with age-old traditions and techniques, or our hardwood furniture frames that use ethically obtained wood from sustainable forest management methods to safeguard the environment for future generations. Hence, choosing one of our hand-crafted designs not just helps you empower artisanal communities but also mirrors your commitment to environmental stewardship.


Lighting plays a vital role in influencing the way we feel. It can make us feel more cozy in a space, elevate our moods or help us focus better in any workspace. With the positive aura of the new year and the resolution to wake up early, ensure that your bedroom is decked with a combination of soothing overhead wall sconces and focused table lamps by your bedside for an ambient atmosphere that can start your day right. Embark on the promise of a rejuvenated start to the year by effortlessly transforming your living space with a simple switch of lampshades on your luminous metal floor lamp or the addition of a sculptural lampstand on the same. Watch as the ambience instantly evolves, breathing new life into any weary corners, while introducing a captivating focal point that embodies intrigue and artistry to inspire your creative flow.


The start of the year is our promise to dawn upon a new era of self-improvement and positive change, and the best place to start is within the walls of our inner sanctuary. It’s time to have it out with the old and in with the new, while also embracing your goals of making more sustainable and healthier choices. Drawers and shelves that we had once left to fill with extra items from the table, now find solace in the art of organization with rattan baskets stacked one on top of another, rescuing you from the visual of half-opened jam jars and a hoarded heap of extra biscuits boxes. Having a minimal and uncluttered space not only brings a more simplistic and joyous note to our daily lives but also unburdens our minds, giving us more clarity.

A crafty trick is to designate a “maybes” handwoven basket, where you park all your once-loved belongings that now gather dust in the corners until you decide to finally keep it or pass it on. Similarly, a way to keep some of your odd choices and daily pick-up items such as your magazines, watch, wallet and more be kept within easy reach, while also not appearing as a wild grouping of desperate items is to set them on a beautiful designer tray for an intentionally curated buildup.


As we look back at ourselves and how far along we have come, It is essential to craft a more safe and nurturing environment in the busy lives that we all lead in the 21st century. To look back at your journey, and reflect on what has been, allows one to have more compassion for not just the things happening around us but also for ourselves. Meandering through obstacles and hardship, the new year allows you a moment of gratitude for the reflection you see in the mirror. A statement mirror in your living room not only brings in more light and grandiosity to your home but also sets a reminder to take comfort and reflect on your previous achievements. Summon the magic of handcrafted mirrors in your haven to encourage moving forward towards growth with an approach of optimism, light and resilience for the future


Homeowners are abandoning cookie-cutter designs in favour of a more varied approach to decorating. The home has become a canvas for uniqueness, from custom hand-painted artworks to one-of-a-kind accent furniture pieces. Reflecting your visions of the bright future ahead, your home should encapsulate elements from your life while also adding specks of your unique personality to our living spaces. The nature-inspired galore of our mesmerizing printed upholstery and wallpapers not only adds colour and charisma to the space but also narrates a story of your ever-changing emotions and ethos. They become an extension of your self-expression and help you feel more grounded by promoting a stronger connection to your environment. For anyone who has felt a symbolic affinity to willowy wildflowers, giving a glimpse of your sometimes reserved and observant nature – Our Wild Flowers at Barrington Court Fabric will capture your essence to a T.


Bringing the outdoors inside is more than a design choice; it’s a commitment to well-being and harmony. Incorporating lush greenery, natural textures, and organic materials creates a serene haven and fosters a deeper connection with the botanically-rich world outside. Whether it’s introducing indoor plants in metal planters, incorporating wooden furniture, or embracing an earthy colour palette, the goal is to cultivate an environment that resonates with the calmness and vitality found in nature. Biophilic designs have also gained immense popularity over the years, as people get captivated by the ever-flowing sense of relaxation, mindfulness, and connection that natural elements bring to the table.

Be it through a boastful wooden table for the dining room with a side of handwoven rattan or seagrass planter or the addition of comforting knitted cushion covers or throws in your bedroom; nature can be a part of any and every part of your house. The addition of sleek woven wooden chairs or rattan headboard can give a rather literal natural allure, whereas inviting nature-inspired prints in your space with enchanting upholstery or wallpapers can welcome a symbolic and more eclectic environmental essence to your space.


A concept that seems to have deeply rooted itself into our minds since the early days of the pandemic, the philosophy of ‘Slow Living’ is going to be at the top of many New Year resolution lists as we enter 2024. In a world that is so consumed by constant stimulation and endless options, we at Gulmohar Lane encourage you to enter the new year with a transformation for the better, not just for yourself but for everything and everyone surrounding you too! As the first few days of the year unfold, find the magic in embracing the small wonders – a sunset, a well-loved book or just the laughter of a friend. Let these aspirations be more than just a resolution you write on a piece of paper and set aside. Celebrate the simple joys of life, starting with curating a cosy ensemble for you to cherish with family & friends or for a much-needed moment of respite. Imagine your Sunday mornings with your family as one of you sinks into the artisanal mastery of our lounge chairs, while the rest settles onto the ergonomic silhouette of our upholstered slipcover sofa. The timeless vintage leather trunk cum coffee table placed up front can remind you of the age-old knowledge, passed down through hands and give you much more reason to cherish its superior quality and patronage.

So pause, look about and reflect on the many decisions that you can make around your home to switch from quantity over quality and vitality over workload.

Commence a revival of the ‘less is more’ ideology, not just in terms of an aesthetic but also through the way you use your time and money on the daily.  Stripping away from the fast-paced machine-made furniture that travels through assembly lines with little authenticity, our timeless designs are above fleeting trends and uniquely handcrafted with character in every creation. Hence, as you move into a new beginning, brimming with potential and infinite possibilities, start it all with the right tone.


It is time to bid adieu to 2023, with the excitement and anticipation of a world full of possibilities and transformative life changes. Step into a new year, with a home that resonates the same intentions. Whether it’s the decision to have a deeper commitment to sustainability, a healthier routine, or embracing the art of slow living this year; Gulmohar Lane’s Home & Lifestyle Collection has something for everyone.  Our unique furniture & decor designs will help you build a home that undoubtedly reflects the ever-changing landscape of our lives well within 2024.


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