A Wedding Gift Made Of Dreams

Posted on November 18th, 2022 10:40 AM

Aside from the usual humdrum of the wedding season, the most exciting venture for the groom and the bride is starting a new life, a new home together. The promises made, and the twinkle in the eyes are more than enough testimony of a love story that is written under the stars for a beautiful couple, soon to be wed or are just newly married! There are strings of core memories that define our life, and one of those undeniably is the wedding time. It is the first time in a long time - there is unconditional love, a moment of being special, a period of feeling on top of the world - and it should be so - after all it’s a celebration of love, a new chapter of our life’s journey.

This is the time all our loved ones come together to witness a special connection, made in the heavens if we may say so - when the fairy lights twinkle a bit brighter, the softness of moonlight caresses our quiddity and there’s magic in the air. A new chapter is being unfolded while a couple plans around the perfect start for it! And as loved ones the way we can fulcrum this is by showering thoughtful gifts chosen to celebrate the couple’s new beginning! Gifting is an expression of love, it’s just very delightful. With the digital age and its accessibility - it has become easier to fulfil one’s heart’s desire with a click of a button and it works great for today’s occupied lifestyles too. Speaking of gifting ideas for the newly wed or to be wed couples, think purposefulness. Look out to create sweet homespun lists for instant! Or adopt the minimal yet elegant E-Gift Cards for the couples to choose pieces that are as unique as them!

Give the newlyweds the freedom to choose: With the entire world available online, E-Gift Cards too, give the couples the freedom to choose whatever they want from online stores

There’s just something so timeless and cosy about choosing the right look for homes don’t you think?! And it’s best to start early too. Whether a style is about the understated chic using neutrals of natural wooden textures together with pale grey, white and cream colours – or the love to live colourfully with pastels and shades of each season or pops here and there that bring out the personality of the dwellers – either way choosing the right interiors style is undeniably homely. And we reckon what better way than letting the dwellers choose themselves!

Wedding e-gift card is a special way of letting the newlyweds explore beautiful pieces to create their dream home with our vast collection. A happy time indeed to plan a life that can be as beautiful as possible - like a dreamy love story come true. E-gifting is the way forward, it not only is an easier option to skip the guesswork, and still express care and affection by entitling the receivers to pick and choose their gifts!