Posted on September 25th, 2021 02:51 PM

With festive season just around the corner, the deep Diwali clean has started in most households. The freshly painted walls, new furniture and furnishings are reserved for the annual get together and so is the menu almost decided. The excitement is in the air - the quintessential are in place - how can the local Indian flowers escape this makeover then?

The usual Indian flowers like marigold and tuberoses (genda and rajnigandha) to desi red roses and pink lotuses are the way to go. Their aromas and delicate colors take the homeowners and guests into a journey of nostalgia and festive pride. This season, bring home the magical aromas and tinges of subtlety with local flowers and find your home gleam with sweet reminiscences of traditional penchant!

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Lotus, The Flower Of The Creator

Lotus is the national flower of India and likewise, there is a lot of mythological implication and links to flowers with Indian Gods and Goddesses, more than in any other  ethos of the world. Lotus symbols are central in yantra patterns and form part of many designs of decoration in earthlier settings. The lotus symbolizes divinity, fertility, wealth, knowledge, and enlightenment.

It’s beautiful patterns and delicate pink tones add a festive and rejuvenating hint to homes. Whether you use to decorate your Pooja corners or style it on the table tops at the entrance console. Add fresh lotus plant to a terracotta urli bowl and place it at the entry corridor for the gleaming mystic tone. 

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The Beautiful Jasmine

In the southern part of India, Yuthika is the name of a beautiful Jasmine liana with fragrant, gorgeous white flowers. The flower has traditionally been a part of a lady’s tress in India — expressly for one who appreciates odorous flowers. Owing to its brilliant scent – jasmines make a beautiful addition to homes – a natural fresh perfume sorts. With fresh flowers placed in a small bowl at the entrance of the home or the house temple. Or you may make it a focal in your coffee table for that customary touch of conventional. 

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The Desi Gulab

The Indian rose or desi gulab as it is known commonly has a lot of offer. It is the ideal flower known for its sweet-smelling natural offerings, an original rose - which is why its beautiful aroma has a soothing effect on the body and mind. Add a bunch of the red in to a beautiful glass vase and place it on the side table in any corner of your home. The fragrance is beautiful and relaxing and perfect for ones who find jasmine’s aroma a bit too strong. Not only can you add a beautiful bouquet to almost every table top you can also separate the aromatic petals and add it to a bowl or urli of water for that perfect color and fragrance play. 

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The Marvelous Marigold 

The genda phool is synonymous to every Hindu festival in India. they represent the sun, symbolizing brightness and positive energy. With their attractive yellow-orange flowers, bloom for a considerably extended period, and the flowers keep remarkably well when cut – hence an oblivious choice for home decorations during festivals and otherwise too. 

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Create a conventional Indian dine affair with posies of marigold on your dining table for a unique décor style. Apart from the common vines of marigold used in the background – marigold flower just kept alone or in a cluster makes for a refreshing element in home décor. Their colors create a nostalgic theme at home.

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Flowers are a symbol of strength, purity, and generosity. When you see beautiful and fresh flowers they have a peaceful and positive effect on the viewer. This is the reason flowers hold a special place in the history of humankind since the ancient times. Because life‘s too short to not indulge in some fresh flowers! Include them as a part of your home décor this festive season and share your décor ideas with us.

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