Posted on March 11th, 2022 01:09 PM

Isn’t it nice to wake up and hear the birds singing? If you observe closely, the first signs of spring are already in the air—leaves are embryonic, sparrows are chirping, and butterflies are nomadic.

Spring is full of interesting blooms, shrubberies and baby buds. The sun shines cheerfully carrying a brand new light each day into our lives! Here comes the feeling of a need to bring the outside rhythms’ in, and during this delightful season, perhaps it is a perfect time for a spring refresh.

Often inspired by Mother Nature and everything wonderful she offers; with this blog we bring to you the textiles, patters, hues, prints and forms that reverberate spring, continue reading to explore and pick your favorite for your space this season too!


Choose a palette that shows the ciphers of levitating chi, like moss greens, shades of pink and peach.

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Try a gamut of colors with a throw or tinted cushions on a white sofa or simply add a bouquet of colorful big and bright flowers in every corner of your space. That’s the thing about spring, everything is simply beautiful! 


Patterns are created constantly and inevitably in interior design, and often in ways you may not expect. They play an important role when trying to stick to a theme as they bring energy, interest, balance and contrast to your space.

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For a touch of spring try patterned handwoven baskets in a neutral room and add a bunch of flowers to it! Or take patterns to your walls by hanging aesthetically alluring wall décor pieces. Choose accents that reflects your personal style whether mirrors, wall art or patterned rugs and curios! 


The best thing spring brings is audacious use of florals, leaves and birds – when used thoughtfully – they add a playful aesthetic and wholesomely elegant touch to interiors.

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Choose subtle hues than blatant colors, choose birds that bring a soothing touch to your interiors and use nature inspire motifs that are charmingly refined! 


When it comes to choosing furniture pieces that are synonymous with spring – think wood, generously upholstered sofas, beds and armchairs and add little pieces of curios where you can showcase the blooming flowers and gorgeous colors. 

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Form and functionality in furniture pieces bring charming harmony at home, get creative with the layouts but choose forms that blend with your interior design scheme. Slip cover for that cottage feel in an ivory upholstery paired with a wingback chair in a subtle printed fabric and a large rectangular all wood coffee table. Adorn with vases, or tableware that suits the overall theme.

For the upcoming spring of 2022, these are the drifts we reckon, will bring an uplifting and inspired look to your space. Create beautiful stories with chuckles, warmth and of course a lot of charm. Explore these motifs on for furniture, cushions and even lampshades. Explore our collection of signature prints and subtle natural fabrics shades with us on

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