Celebrating Monsoons: Indoors

Posted on June 27th, 2021 08:07 AM

As the afternoon mists out in a downpour, a barge of muffled traffic noises, the petrichor that stirs our stillness, and that feeling of curling up into a mood of rejuvenation. 

Monsoons are magical, they evoke so many wisdoms, and bring wholesome bliss. 

Similarly, our homes too need an overwhelming feeling of serenity, elements that bring the outside magic into our homes, that evoke our five senses to life; a sensuous yet impalpable lift for your homes.

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Here are some creative monsoon decor ideas which will certainly amplify the aesthetics of your house and will give the perfect monsoon touch to your home.


“Cold” and “warm” characters are all you need to understand to get your rainy season interiors feel on point. Colors on the right side of the color wheel i.e. any color with tints of yellow, orange and rosy are warm colors while colors with bluish/purple or green tints are cold colors. Monsoon usually hits India as summer recedes, hence making it a somewhat cooler spell. Therefore, warm colors or dark tones give a warm, comforting feel to the home. Feel a warm rug under your toes and stock up on plenty of cushions.
Netflix and chill in the rain is truly everybody’s go-to weekend plans in the torrent!

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The atmosphere is filled with dark gloomy clouds, with lesser sunlight. Stylish table lamps, floor lamps with lamp shades inspired by nature, soft colors, and motifs that signify idiosyncratic seasonal designs are epitome. A yellowish hue instead of white lit bulbs create mood lighting and uplifts ones’ soul! Choosing the right lighting for home especially during rainy season is imperative. Light up your home in soft lighting when things get darker outside… and see the magic of monsoons unfold. 

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Decorate your home with season-friendly accessories that sets the mood right. A beautiful wind chime at the window. Glass vases at every corner with greens or wild gypsies. A textured umbrella stands at the entry way, and cushions with pastels or rugs in warm hues. All curios that add a fairy-tale like environs to your home.

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Beat the monotony of monsoon by bringing in fresh decor basics. Bring in interesting printed upholstery or solid colors that may be not be too over-jarring yet adds an element of character to interiors, add cushion covers, bedsheets and more to add a pop of color to keep the grey weather at bay. Play with color pops that can give your home a brighter and open look, lifting your spirits immediately while keeping the magic of monsoon balanced right. 

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The magic of monsoon shall linger on. Lend your home a seasonal elevation with these monsoon specific décor ideas that’ll liven up any room and add a cozy inside that resonates with the pitter-patter outside. Explore www.gulmoharlane.com to find the right elements for your home. Connect with our Interior Consultants for décor layouts, and consultations for your interior plans. 

Till then, Happy Downpours….