Color of the Month: Tangerine

Posted on May 21st, 2021 06:09 PM

Carroty is one of those colors; either you love it or hate it. We however happen to be confidently in the “love it” encampment, so this month’s Color is an awesomely pure shade of orange: tangerine.

Like all oranges, tangerine is a high-energy, bold, fresh, and fun color. It’s warm and welcoming, stands out melodramatically against neutrals and crisp whites (even in small doses).

The rule of thumb with bright colors is to use it advantageously. Not necessarily sparingly, but be chary not to overdo it.

Our blog will show you how: 

Tangerine: Works well in the dining room, even a formal one!

Dining rooms have always been a traditional space with very petite design invasion. The reason it has seen that kind of attitude is that the room has long been concomitant with utility over stylishness. With more and more people opening up to the ideas of having instagrammable dining rooms and the social world engaging more profusely in the eating and cooking culture, the room has seen a dramatic modern overhaul, and tangerine with its lighter and darker shades bring that theatre to it!

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Tangerine: Provides a chirpy incentive in the living room:

Can’t think afar the beiges and browns and whites? The interiors of a neutral-toned living room will get a much needed uplift with tangerine. A simple floor rug and a tangerine upholstered chair help fashion a clear-cut color scheme that gives a citrusy punch to the room. The idea is to go big and gallant with one or two accents and to keep everything else unpretentious that don’t demand too much courtesy.

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Add a pop of this vitalizing hue to your home office

Tangerine is naturally such an inspirational hue. Adding these to your home office will instantaneously refresh your mood, while also adding a visually appealing comfort to your work from home space. Bring it is small doses for your home office, add a wall-art, a curio or may be a beautiful planter. Or get an intriguing décor element like a modern or classic armchair upholstered in orange color! Or cinnamon work desk!

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Tangerine: in the bedroom – keep it toned down and play with a splash of burnt orange toneIn the bedroom, use this shade with a bit of caution. Try a more muted shade to get you going in the morning without promoting too much wakefulness. Using it with the correct pairing, tangerine will truly create a wonderland in your intimate space. Tangerine in small doses, will douse enough interest and elegance as desirable. 
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Final Thoughts:
Tangerine may not be the first choice of most home owners when it comes to decorating, however, perhaps it should be! It adds a notable dimension to your home’s style and when used in the right bout it most definitely creates a layer of robustness, refreshment and antic of a special kind. Tell us what you think of this color: will you use it!
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