Cushions from Amidst the Spring Garden...

Posted on July 27th, 2018 07:30 PM
Cushions from Amidst the Spring Garden...


New Cushions Collection

Ah, this spring morning sprouts in my backyard with the chitter chatter of sparrows amidst the chrysanthemums and the scented aromas of hydrangeas - A dreamy splendour of the nature unfolds around me as the newly wedded spring flowers bloom, complete with the mellowing sounds of their little feathered companions, the neighbouring Sparrows.


Classic choice for brightening up the autumn garden or adding unique character to the spring garden, ‘Swaying Chrysanthemums’ is sure to charm its way into your humble abode.


Blooming in the landscape bringing sweet scents and fascinating colours along with the melodious sparrows, springtime is definitely one of our favourites at Gulmohar Lane and ‘Spring Paradise’ cushion cover captures the essence of the season like never before.


The little feathered friends that you meet at the windowpane every morning while enjoying the fresh breeze, the same friends who compose the best playback music while amidst nature, the ones making their homes right now, twig by twig. Witness the cheerfulness and liveliness of the ‘Nestling Sparrows’ in this cushion design.


A spectacle on the patio, a fancy exhibit on the terrace, do not hesitate to bring the delicate beauty of hydrangeas indoor with our ‘Peal Hydrangeas’ cushion cover.


Build a captivating display of beautiful flowers and foliage; landscape your home with endless ‘Tropical Hydrangea’ Bunches to create an alluring vista perfect for any season.

A calming spot to enjoy a spring is the saga of this printed cushions collection.


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