From the Home of Magnificent Peacocks we bring to you our New Cushions.

Posted on July 25th, 2018 07:15 PM

The grandeur of the architecture and the elegance of its interiors, the mesmerizing arches and the stimulating Mughal art, the intricate murals and the intimacy with nature - A home to the magnificent peacocks, a dream city encompassing facets to send all your senses reeling. 


Printed Cushions


‘Earthly versions of the Gardens of Paradise’ as described in the ancient scriptures, ‘Baghs’ have always been an important facet of the Palace Architecture and this cushion narrates the tale of this pleasurable nature retreat.


The ancient notions of honour and courage are all testimonies of the rulers hunting expeditions, capturing the essence of these densely packed forests with endless boundaries; we have designed our ‘Shikaar Bagh’ cushion.


Connecting together the feeling of relaxation and the aesthetic beauty of gardens, palace baghs were designed to become niche examples of a luxurious green escapade with a natural waterfall ready to enchant the onlookers. With the same backdrop in mind, we bring to you our ‘Aaram Bagh’ Cushion.


Adorned with latticework and designed for the royal ladies to have glimpses of the exquisite birds and nature outside, the jharokas of Jaipur Palaces still glimmer at the sight of the Royal ‘Peacocks’, this cushion unfolds the exact same feeling…


In the middle of a Charbagh at the crossing of four raised avenues which have waterways coursing along them – A picturesque beauty of the ancient Indian gardens evoking the feeling of residing in a Paradise is beautifully captured in our ‘Jal Mahal’ Cushion design.

Our ‘Jaipur Collection’ will fill you with awe and take you to a journey in the heart of the Jaipur city.