Get your Home Festive Ready with Decorative Cushions Covers

Posted on April 3rd, 2024 12:19 PM

As we get swept up by the season’s sprightly winds, our festive cleaning endeavours remind us to gear up for the many holiday gatherings with a spirited makeover. With Christmas & New Year approaching, it is perhaps not too late to add a festive refresh to your living spaces and a new set of cushion covers is just what you need to make it all happen. For it is the coldest months that bring the warmest memories after all.

Continue reading to find out how to elevate your home for the festive time with a lavishly appointed ensemble of decorative cushion covers. Sprinkle them sparingly across your living room as accents or add an assemblage to your bedroom for infusing an added layer of holiday cheer into every corner of your home.


Often termed as ‘throw pillows’ and ‘scatter cushions’, decorative cushion covers are best used when used collectively, paired and layered with precision. The first step to do so is to establish a neutral base with cushion covers in white, ivory, and homey grey linens; that can serve as the blank canvas that highlights the other festive decor around the house. Such a monotone elegance helps achieve a timeless and sophisticated look, whereas a few such cushion cover designs with subtle pastel tones and delicate nature-inspired prints can suit well in the house all year round, adding a charming touch. 


Decorative cushions can also assist in defining your interior aesthetic and set the tone for the rest of your decor.  Whether your home is a minimal oasis of monochromatic tones or a mid-century modern haven of natural woody tones and subtle textures, an addition of complementary cushions such as an dainty off-white cushion cover in a minimal reading nook  or a contrasting bright cushion cover on top of a swanky retro leather armchair can complement and extend the ambience with tonal and textural elements that resonate with the desired aesthetic. Our diverse collection of decorative cushion covers include designs for every aesthetic, from exquisite cottage-core style with dainty bloom motifs to simple geometric or striped prints such as our Aztec cushion covers.


Gone are the days when homes could just be minimally ornamented with cushions of just simple solid shades of grey and white. The festive season invites us all to add a dash of verve to any space by layering beautiful bright hues and bold designs.  From vintage florals, botanical embroidered motifs, and soft-geometrics, to palatial paisley patterns, the possibilities our unique printed cushion covers provide are limitless. Their striking patterns become distinctive focal points and infuse your space with splashes of energy and individuality.


Although you have collected a range of colours and designs for your festive revamp, it is important to incorporate versatility in the design with cushions of different shapes and sizes. From throw pillows to scatter cushions, bolsters to floor cushions, a range of different sizes add depth and dimension.

Similarly, the scale of the prints or embroidery is also responsible for making a space feel more busy or breezy. Smaller-sized patterned pillows layered over a couple of large but simple, solid-hued cushions on a sofa or bed create a sophisticated look.


As more people start experimenting with the colour of their sofas,  it becomes equally important for you to carefully choose cushions that harmonize with the existing colours and decor of the space. The entire room should narrate a cohesive story with your choice of accent or contrasting colours, and your choice of complementary prints and motifs. By investing in an entire Gulmohar Lane cushion covers collection and placing them strategically across your living spaces, one can infuse a harmonic vision throughout your space with designs that are uniquely crafted keeping in mind their complementary shades and a visually appealing design story. 


The choice of fabrics and textures adds a distinctive aura to your home. The look a velvet-lined cushion cover gives is  vastly different from what a cotton or leather finish cushion cover showcases. With our all-encompassing collection of decorative cushion covers, delve into the luxury of embroidery or opt for the breeziness of linen, introduce the richness of leather or indulge in the cozy comfort of knitted textures. Since every fabric has both pros and cons; using an amalgam of different fabrics in your cushion cover selection such as a combination of both printed linen cushion covers and solid leather cushion covers, can also make your house look more trendy and allow you to style your home in multiple aesthetics.


Lastly, put on your designing hats home designers and let your creativity shine by experimenting with various patterns and colours. Decorative cushions are just the start, for a festive refresh, other soft elements like throws and blankets also add an extra layer of coziness and visual interest to your spaces. Colour blocking and introducing a touch of gold or quirky elements can be the start of something exciting and will infuse personality into your festive decor.


As you embark on the journey of refreshing your home for the festive season, remember that decorative cushions are your secret weapon to happy gatherings. They can take center stage in any setting and become conversation starters. Gulmohar Lane’s exquisite range of luxury cushions covers collections such as our Jaipur Collection, Summer Garden Collection and Starlings at Queen Mary’s Rose Garden Collection can effortlessly elevate any living space and be the finishing touches you need to create a truly unique festive ambience. Let these decorative cushions reflect your unique style and transform your home with each comforting touch, permeating the room with a delightful essence of luxury and celebration. 


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