Posted on April 4th, 2024 10:52 AM

An invigorating new chance upon every encounter, the ever-so-recognizable feeling of butterflies in the stomach, sly gestures of favoritism that are visible to all but one, and clandestine exchanges of timid glances and gifts. These are just a few telltale signs of being in the presence of “Love”!

Displaying this indescribable emotion, however, requires more than just words. This Valentine’s Day, tug on your beloved’s heartstrings with a little something to express your unconditional love towards them. Your soulmate might be a cuddly sleeper or one that needs more space, a collector of vintage finds, or one to keep up with the trends; regardless of their personality and lifestyle – this blog will help you find a thoughtful gift that they can cherish for life. After all, the most appreciated tokens of love are neither flashy nor fancy, they are the indispensable gems that grace one’s life with comfort, color, and countless memories!

Your forever person deserves a gift that they can cherish forever too! With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, most of us are surely on the hunt for a significant piece and just a box of chocolates won’t cut it this year! Be it your husband, your wife, your sibling, or an honorary sidekick for life; These bonds are extraordinary and need a sprinkle of timelessness to celebrate the lovely musings, and smirks that only ‘our people’ can understand! Hence, in the search for forever gifts, discover Gulmohar Lane’s coveted collection of gifts for every special bond and person.

We all know a few couples, who are at a point in their relationship where they just can’t stay apart for more than 1 hour – or the honeymoon phase as most of us would call it. Whether they are newlyweds or have been married for more than 10 years, the best gift that you can give such a duo is a special spot for them to get cozy and cuddle comfortably. Hence whether your cuddle buddy is your best friend, your sister, your soulmate, or anyone else in between; this Valentine’s Day grace their home with a luxurious and comfortable loveseat. Perfectly proportioned for two people in love, our hand-tufted loveseats can be upholstered in a wide range of fabrics and leather options and make for an ideal accent piece for your favorite room. If you wish to have a more spacious choice that lets you welcome your pets, kids, or a third-wheeling friend to join in as well; our extremely plush 2-seater sofas in slipcover, leather, or fabric can give you a charming couch space for smothering your loved ones with hugs. 


You can’t think of love without thinking of flowers. A rite of passage, young love brews and blossoms in the rose-red days and summery floral flair of lazy afternoons and ‘staying-in’ dates. Watching rom-com meet-cutes on the television with a podgy bouquet of hand-picked wildflowers and the comfort of a budding cushion set, some peonies and nature-inspired pinks can remind you of the romantic strolls you took with your loved one on sun-kissed backyards. An ode to this imagery, gifting your near and dear one with our ‘A French Backyard Cushion Cover’ and Printed Floral Lampshade Collection can allow you to furnish your space with cheerful vibes and a romantic touch.  


Remember the days when you used to wait by the rotary dial of the telephone, half asleep or half awake, on a most comfortable colonial-inspired Calcutta Rattan Chair for that one much-awaited call to come through? Your heart skipped a beat, just as the first ring came true. The romance of those lovelorn days precedes any number of heart emoji texts one may get today. Some remain, who cherish those little sweet nuances of old-school romance. For those romantics in your life, an artisanal hand-painted artwork for their home library or an art deco style reading lamp such as our Bombay Desk LampColaba Desk Lamp, or even brass finish Madeleine Desk Lamp can be a source of inspiration for their efforts in drafting handwritten letters. Harkening back to their love for period dramas, romance-filled literature, and Shakespearean poetry; an old-school rattan and wooden bookshelf such as our Cochin Rattan Bookshelf or our collection of Metal Candle Holders can also bring them back to medieval times and infuse the charm of a bygone era to their home. 


Past prolonged voyages and expeditions, well-traveled trunks protect a collection of their owner’s belongings, stories, and secrets for years to come. Inspired by the same spirit, our masterfully crafted Vintage Leather Trunks Collection, cladded in fine quality leather and detailed with brass nailheads and handmade locks to celebrate this age-old artform is the perfect gift to present someone who has a passion for adventure and a knack for collecting enchanting souvenirs from their many global travels. 

A nomad or not, these heirloom-worthy trunks will spill many wanderlust stories as a timeless coffee table in your living room or as a decorated treasure trove of your most prized possessions. A collector’s dream, these versatile pieces add a bit of royal pomp and tradition to our modern lifestyles and can be beautifully utilized as trousseau trunks for any soon-to-be brides as well. An ode to the tradition of bridal trunks, these trunks can be the perfect place for one to fill with memorable tchotchkes and sentimental affairs as you move into a new home, a new beginning.


Know someone who just cannot start their day without a cup of coffee? Chances are you would know many such people, or be one of them yourself. With the increasing popularity of specialty coffees and cafe goers, the most fitting gift for one such coffee aficionado is the perfect coffee table for them to enjoy their favorite arabica. More than just being the landscape for their signature drink, a statement coffee table can be a conversation starter for any living room. 


As you think about all the memories you can stow away in your leather trunk, think of the many bits and baubles you could also save as souvenirs as a testament to your love story. A faded movie stub, an old plane ticket from your first trip together, a few dry petals from the first time they bought you roses. These priceless mementos, together with a few thoughtful trinkets like your most valuable wedding ring or jewelry, deserve to be displayed in an environment as magical as they are.

Our unique antique-finish keepsake box does just that! Hence for all the memory collectors, discover the beauty of gifting them a whimsical rattan trinket bowl or an antiquated metal box that they can then keep for a lifetime. Cast with an iron mesh frame, our Merlyn Mesh Keepsakes Glass Box allows you to display your accessories, jewelry, and keepsakes in an ordered beautiful way. Similarly, our Bali Handwoven Lidded Baskets add an antiquated rustic feel to the interiors. 


Love has the sole intention of bringing people together to a time called forever. It knows no boundaries, no reason, nor distance. Then why should your gifting choices be restricted by the miles between you two? To celebrate love in its purest form, present your loved one with a Gulmohar Lane’s Valentine’s Day special E-gift Card of love.

Finding the perfect gift may seem harder than it looks at first glance! But with the simple and thoughtful choice of a Gulmohar Lane Gift Card, you can skip the guesswork and give your loved ones a chance to choose their gifts. Our Gift Cards can be sent out whenever you please, hence they are also perfect for last-minute gifting!



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