Give your home a Festive Glow-Up with Gulmohar Lane Lighting

Posted on April 3rd, 2024 09:59 AM

With the mellow autumn breeze slowly treading towards festivities, fun and vibrancy; It is time to set your home up for Diwali parties, poker nights and holiday hosting. Crafting the perfect atmosphere for your celebrations includes a flurry of activities in the days leading up to the occasion. From Diwali deep cleaning to decking up your humble abode with diyas and delicacies, the season heralds an influx of re-decorations and transformations that test your creativity and motivate you to bring some pizzazz to your home. What better way to do that, than following tradition and setting your home aglow for the festive season with Gulmohar Lane’s exquisite home decor and lighting solutions?

Accent lights are a sure way to instantly transform a space and enhance your festive gatherings. So bring on the soft glow of lanterns or candles for a fine dining experience or the ambient illumination of opulent chandeliers around your living areas and get ready to give your home a festive Glow-Up with our expertly handcrafted Lighting Collection and tips on how to incorporate them.


A quick fix to elevating your lighting scheme for the festive season could be through adding accent lights with lustrous metallic and brass finishes. A big overhanging pendant in brass finish or a contemporary chandelier with glass and metal elements provides a welcoming glow to your living room while also emulating a sense of grandeur to the space. Furthermore, as your home is filled with visitors, a slim golden floor lamp placed in the nooks and crannies of your living room not only invites a luxurious look but also serves as a focal point to those dark corners. Similarly, adding ornate lamp stands with rich metallic patinas in your foyer can invite a dazzling illumination to welcome your guests. 


Incorporating a combination of ambient, accent and task lights at different heights and levels can transform the overall atmosphere and mood of a room. During the hustle and bustle of the festivities, having a dining area with a splendid pendant over the kitchen island, a table lamp on top of a cabinet or sideboard and a dainty candle holder on the dinner table can create a marvelous ensemble. Such a setting radiates a harmonious blend of soft glows, highlighting architectural features, while also providing practical illumination for various activities. Additionally, downward-facing wall sconces can create a warm cozy environment and add an extra layer of brightness to the area. This technique also encourages you to experiment with your design and creative choices as it welcomes a new wave of mixed aesthetics through a variety of creative lighting solutions. For a traditional yet contemporary look, you can add diyas along the sideboard or entryway, in addition to the juxtaposing mod look of metallic floor lamps and chandeliers


If you’re looking to make a statement, Gulmohar Lane’s unique crystal chandeliers and handwoven pendant lights are the way to go for scattering a bedazzled brilliance around your house. Be it Diwali, Christmas or New Year’s, the coming months are an opportunity for you to reinvent your aesthetic as you re-decorate your homes anew. With lighting options that not only illuminate but also add an artistic lure to spaces through their sculptural designs and diffused luminescence, artful lighting options like our handwoven Bali Bistro Tassel Pendant Lamp and Cochin Rattan Pendant Lamp command attention and project a tale of your exquisite taste onto the onlookers. Sculptural lighting can also be added subtly through hand-carved lampstands or candlesticks, that give an enigmatic finishing touch to the room’s ambience.


An ode to the diyas traditionally lit for the festival of lights, go back to the basics by casting a candlelit glow across your home with one-of-a-kind glass candle holders or lanterns and bring in a soothing balance of the traditional and the contemporary. The flickering beauty of tea light candles swerving in the caged metal and glass bodies of lanterns and votives is the perfect way to brighten up your centre tables and dining area surrounded with platters full of ladoos and chocolates for sly hands to steal from. 

Similarly, keeping traditional looking metal candlesticks on mantels and dining tables invites a statuesque elegance to your festive gatherings while adding a layered element to your decorative table set-ups. Candlelight in votives and diffused holders around your patios or balconies are also great for lighting up the dull corners of your indoor-outdoor experience and with a few overhanging fairy lights, the ambience brings the perfect touch of romanticism to every occasion.


With the muted tones of our modern homes, the festive time requires an extra push of vibrancy and brightness to amp up your space. Infusing bright colours and lighting to highlight these colourful details work wonders in transforming a room. Be it a new set of cushion covers or a new wallpaper, lighting can take these new elements to greater heights.

For instance, the use of a printed lampshade with floral designs will complement your decorative cushions as well as cast a tinge of colour to the ambience to bring it all together. Gulmohar Lane’s intricately crafted signature printed lamp shades evoke a nature-inspired grandiose to your festive spaces and work well with table lampsfloor lamps and pendants alike. They can also be a great festive gifting option to present to your guests or generous hosts. Another great trick is to add ornate wall sconces on your newly revamped walls to make your new festive wallpapers stand out and project a colourful and vivid luminance.


We can all agree that first impressions last! The entryway into your home is the first impression your guests will have of your home, making it extremely important to decorate this space with a warm and welcoming vibe. The entrance can be dazzled up by placing a variety of brass lanterns in clusters on the floor, in a row leading up to the foyer, or next to some planters at your front door.

Similarly, two beautiful wall-mounted sconces on either side of your main door or an ambient metal pendant wow your guests as they step inside. Candle holders can also be used as table lamps on console tables and sideboards to brighten up the dim hallways while also elevating the ambience of your entryway with its stately presence.


As you amp up your home with Gulmohar Lane’s unique lighting solutions, the many versatile and stunning table lamps, floor lamps, pendants, chandeliers, and lanterns unfurl your living spaces into a festive wonderland full of dazzling lights. Our festive bestsellers revitalize every dull nook and cranny of your home and add a touch of mystic magic to your spaces.

Hence as you veer towards your redecorating ventures and begin your celebrations, keep the tips & tricks suggested in this blog in mind and get ready to give your home the ultimate festive glow-up for the season.


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