Go India Modern With Gulmohar Lane

Posted on April 21st, 2017 02:04 PM

From handwoven fabrics, furniture and local materials to neutral walls infused with bold colours, minimalist and contemporary setting; India Modern decor is as diverse as it is beautiful. This trend is a conflux of age-old architecture and home decor techniques combined with modern design and styling. In a country with a history and culture of India’s, it is always interesting and beautiful to bring that context into modern decor.

India Modern theme is an infusion of today’s technology-driven homes, sleek interiors with hints of traditional elements. Turning an ultra modern home into one that is rooted in Indian sensibilities is not a far fetched idea. A classic chandelier or a pendant light, or perhaps a dim side table lamp will add a touch of elegance, opulence and grace to your modern decor. Choose indigenous textiles, scatter pillows in traditional motifs, antique accessories and lighting, dedicate a wall to Indian arts & crafts…these are some quick and effortless decor solutions for a contemporary and modern frame fit perfectly into an India inspired decor scheme.

Most Designers are now borrowing from local culture and heritage and adding them seamlessly to a modern context. The India Modern trend is to support a keen interest in sustaining the traditional, while embracing western design concepts with equal ardour, thereby building an eclectic setting that is very unique.

NDTV Goodtimes Luxe interiors in their latest episode talks about modern Indian aesthetic, which lends a contemporary twist on the culture and traditions of India. The show also features Ace Architects known for incorporating Indian essence into Modern Interiors & Architecture. In their DIY section, learn how to do up your space using Gulmohar Lane’s classic products to create a contemporary setting.

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