Posted on October 2nd, 2022 08:20 PM

Little steps for a home in the making is simply a reflection of a dreamy knit, like looking for something to be made your own...
Here’s to Celebrating life...
An ode to a dream-like home…

From a bustling street of a city to a sweeping long lane that leads to your home. These are a few visuals that conjure up as much harmony of mind as those of an interior scheme bespoken to pair with your charisma. A home takes time - time to be beautiful and
capture our hearts & moods, forever. Styling a stunning shelf, placing a memoir of clippings and images, or picking a simple bunch of flowers in the right vase for the kitchen table can all impact mind, mood, and inspiration in small but significant ways. Continue to read our blog and find creations that naturally outspread to your home settings. Give time in edifying your home interiors…

And the place you call home deserves to be beautiful and inviting. It should be pleasing, a happy place where you can live, giggle and absorb. Choose an interior scheme that links to your charisma while also is functional and a comfortable space for indulgent
times spent with loved ones.

Form follows function is an axiom in the design world that holds worth, you must take the function and uses of each room into contemplation before you can ornament and add the pretty effects.

Choose furniture pieces that dwell well with your purpose, for example, if you use your living room to watch flicks with family and friends often, you will want to have comfy, sink-in-to-it, seating that is not too garish but soft to keep it simple and soothing versus the straight upright seating with a brassy palette that may become uncomfortable to use for longer periods of time at a stretch. If you pay attention to the purposes and uses of your spaces and THEN plot your decor around those, your space will not only look better…it will function better for you and your family as well.

Honestly, with a little thought and guidance, beautifying your home is much easier than it looks. Worry not – we like get you started… Start with picking a color theme that appeals to you the most – colors play a vital role in conferring your home’s interior style direction. As soon as you pick the palette that works best for you – pick the upholstery for your furniture almost immediately. Whether it is the reliable basic solids or a strident large-floral upholstery or a subtle minimal minuet motif you select as your basic shade – continue further to look for all other hues and shades that work with them.

Before you tell us you’re not as creative, let me tell you that is simply not true. Achieve a dream-like home by document everything, take photographs, collect things, and keep mementos that appeal to you. It takes time but the end-result is forever.

To Abridge – a home takes time to be your own, to behold your precious possessions and to harbor your loved ones. Give it love,
care and thought and find yourself in a heaven of form and function. Find solace in the little details and pick things that stir you the
most. Let us know your style, color and schemes and we will find everything you need.

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