Inspired by the Ocean, Seabreeze and Sea-shore.

Posted on April 25th, 2017 11:28 AM

"As the ocean waves at me, and the sand greets the sea,
The fish swim free, and shells wash up by me."

Walking by the sea, sorting through the sand between your toes and assembling pebbles... Collectibles from the seashore, bring back nostalgia of a summer holiday spent on the beachside to reminisce upon.

Picture Credit: Style By Emily Henderson


There's nothing quite as blissful as a stroll by the seashore. The clear blue waves gently drenching the sand, tearing and tossing the sea glass and pebbles scattered along the beach–perfectly capture the song of the sea-sand. 

Gather from the dreaminess of the sea, by bringing colours and objects inspired by the shore...sand, beige, shades of coral, beach glass and seashells, to bring the comfort of waterfront living indoors. 

Bring the sea-essence into your interiors with our sea breeze inspired colour palette, that'll keep memories of a summer day spent on the beach with a slight sultry wind, ruffling your hair alive right in your living room.


Morris 4 Seater

Can you think of anything more inviting and invigorating than a water body on a summer day? Immerse yourself in a shade of blue so intriguing as the expanse of the infinite ocean waters. 


Morris 3 Seater

This summer, bring the colours of the seashore, right into your home to create a calm, peaceful setting, inspired by the sea.