Let us talk about Red...

Posted on October 13th, 2016 01:52 PM


Red is the color of passion and celebration! It can be so visually arresting and can envelop your guests in comfort and warmth. Be it  on walls or few accessories, decorate your home with a hint of red and make your home feel festive.

Let's talk about Red..

"In its brightest tones, red is the most brilliant, stimulating, and approaching of all the colors."
- Emily Post

Red is the only color that can excite a number of emotions. It can be fresh and appetizing in the kitchen, vibrant and energizing in the living, fun and happy in your kid's room and just sensual and romantic in your personal space.  Use red as an accent color. A red wall, printed wallpaper, a piece of furniture or in small hints around the room. Pair it with soft neutrals and subtle colors to get the modern vibe in your home.

Feeling inspired? Have a look at our Red Collection to get that festive inspired look and feel.

Gulmarg Sofa - Linen Cotton Cherry

Wingback Armchair - Italian Tango Brandy Leather

Paris Bed - Linen Cotton Cherry

Loveseat - Linen Cotton Cherry

Morris Sofa- Linen Cotton Cherry

Chesterfield Sofa - Italian Tango Brandy Leather

Elma Tufted Storage Bench - Linen Cotton Cherry

Amer Chaise - Linen Cotton Cherry

Festivals are a reason to re-unite with your loved ones and break away from daily routine. Re-decorate in time just like Ms. Dave! 
Get some inspiration from Ms. Dave's festive decor

This festive season, transform your home and give it an instant makeover with
bright colors, leather furniture and lighting.
Excite large areas with little effort!