Make your Home and your Life a Part of the Celebrations

Posted on September 7th, 2019 01:52 PM
Make your Home and your Life a Part of the Celebrations

Celebrations, fun get-togethers and endless smiles await you as we come closer to a new year and some new beginnings. Our culture, our history, our mythical tales and our varied seasons, all come together to gift India prolonged days of festivities and celebrations, creating stronger social and emotional bonds that tie us together and bring us closer.

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From toddlers to grown ups, from small villages to developed towns, the whole of India contributes in this grand celebration on the onset of Indian Summer (or Autumn) or the well known Indian Festive months. These months bring to light and spread around the glorious culture and ethnicity of India but what really binds them together is the unwavering enthusiasm and pomp of each and every element of our surroundings.

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With bling adorning us, sweets and pakwaans loaded in our mouths and spirituality in the air, these festivals create a positive aura and fill us with a feeling of happiness. Sometimes we celebrate the birth of Lord Krishna or welcome Ganesha and Lord Ram in our homes, the other times, we celebrate the harvest of a crop or dance the night away with the Holy Goddess; all of which reflect to live each day as it comes and share happiness with the entire community. It reflects a healthy thinking and a way of life, much before civilization and development, a time where happiness and satisfaction were in abundance.

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Welcoming these months with open arms, make sure to renew your home with some cheerful colours. A burst of saffron here, some pinch of reds and pinks there and a whole lot of yellows and metallics are sure to up your game for the upcoming celebrations. Mixing these splashes of colours with some homegrown textiles and printing techniques like brocades, ikats, block prints, chanderi, silks can become a royal match in your home sweet home!

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A trip to the famous Chor Baazar won’t hurt either as you can stock up on some rustic and timeless collectibles, perfect to add charm (and tone down) to your colourful interiors. Or simply, head to your grandparents chest, collect all their treasures and create a beautiful display. Taking everyone to a trip down the memory lane, these finds will connect you to your ancestral roots and create for one-off, effortless accessories, blessing your home with your grandparents love.

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The traditional hand painted mandalas and those intricately thought rangolis have significance in our ancient cultures. Fighting the evils, they welcome home the deities and greet your guests with vibrant kaleidoscopic patterns, right at the doorstep, which can lift anybody’s spirits and wash away their sorrows. For you, painting these folk arts can become a playful activity with the children of the home and have mystical spiritual effects on your mind and soul. Even if you don’t believe in these long-lived tales behind mandals, give them a try for the Indian art and joy they spread around.

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Our Indian culture has always loved and respected the offerings by mother nature, in every festivity, there is a natural element that is celebrated, be it the sacred tulsi, the vital neem or the auspicious banana leaves. But with increased urban dwellings and lack of time, we are losing connect with this vital element of nature. So this time, why not redecorate your garden too! Plant some trees in your backyard or your community garden and make sure towater them timely. Trust us, the feeling of them growing with you and a party hosted amidst these natural beauties will leave everyone spellbound!

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Dispel darkness, help a needy, take care of our nature and don’t forget to make the most of the upcoming festivities. Renew, rejuvenate and redecorate with these fun times with your closest ones!


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