Make your living room warehouse inspired!

Posted on September 21st, 2016 03:12 PM

Warehouse inspired living spaces.

It's time to make indoor life seamlessly integrate with all the adjoining outdoor space, whether living, dining or bedrooms. Large sliding glass doors finally are screaming to be left open from end to end. The fall breeze is desperately knocking to join in the pre-festive mood. Let’s talk about the new trend of creating seamless indoor-outdoor spaces. So don’t think of outdoors as separate rather bring the patio look right inside your living and pack the newly emptied patio with lush greens and hang a swing in the corner, for times you feel like swinging. Fall promises some of these moments! 

Let’s make a quick checklist of items/material that can come in handy. 
1) Think Rustic: Outdoor textures and materials. Metal, Wood & Concrete
2) Play of textures. Combine smooth with raw finishes
3) Contrasting accessories to up-lift the neutral setting.

Will Coffee Table Now Available in Concrete Finish

Milan Armchair Now Available in Moon River Print

Incorporate industrial elements to re-enforce the seamless look. Divide the dining and living with large metal windowpanes. Though we hate the fact, but most homes in India still have beams. Use them to your advantage, color the ceiling in shades of deep grays, chip the existing paint in parts and add transparent sealers to your wall, for easy maintenance. Partly exposed brick walls, is another quick way to create a restored look.

Metal Pendant Lamp Series, Now Available in Antique Brass Finish

Industrial look continues to influence Home Decor. Balance the cement look with statement traffic sign colors: Think neon yellows & bold patterns. The above décor tips are sure to make your pad look warehouse inspired. 

Time to play hosts, is around the corner. 
Days can fly by, so gear-up and re-decorate your home!