Renew your home for the ultimate chic

Posted on September 11th, 2021 04:06 PM
Renew your home for the ultimate chic

Let’s embrace the up-coming season of vibrant leaves, crispy air, hot cups of coffee and festive feels. 

There’s a certain shift in our interior cards as well. With darker hours descending, and the sun setting by the time you leave your work, let us add a new layered goodness in our homes too. 

With a few ideas, you too can renew your home with a refreshing makeover this fall. Start by a foundation that lends new seasonal strata. Continue reading for interesting layers of interior change...

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Centered on your tastes, this can mean starting with softer hues like beiges and brass or a high-low contrast in shades of dark and light. Those who favor the bold might prefer a mix of vibrant colors and patterns for an eclectic foundation.

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If you’re unsure of where to start, try sticking to a neutral palette for your larger pieces, doing this will ensure you’re not grouped to a color story and allow you the suppleness to go pluckier with your accent pieces. 

With this clean slate, follow tips to make your home cozier than a pumpkin spice latte. 

Add seasonal tinges (in temperance) 

For autumnal decor that is both festive and sophisticated: less is more. 

Add a mix of interesting elements, making sure to include a variety of widths and heights for curiosity example A unique arrangement in your dining room or living room can give your space all the cozy fall vibes without being overwhelming while also adding a sparkle on festive times. 

We recommend, add some greenery for freshness, flowers for mystic and then layer in brass, metal and rose gold for that elegant touch.

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Add texture with cushions & curios 

Fall is naturally the best time to cuddle up on the sofa and binge-watch your favorite show. Up the cozy factor by adding extra throw cushions in chunky styles, Then, surround yourself with textured curios all around you. 

For a modern edge, keep your palette monochromatic. Or mix colors and patterns like large motifs, nature-inspired patterns or a humble design for a more traditional approach.

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Adding Layers of sustainability 

Layer in a few purposeful, usable items into your rooms - think form and functional based furniture, and accessories, tables in earthy, muted fall colors. It's the same as fashion - when it starts to get colder, layer up. This little refresh makes your home cozy but still simple and understated. 

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Sometimes, getting ready for the festive haul and a seasonal makeover – all together -- can get a little overwhelming. If the above tips do not make the cut for you, try our layout service. Our in-house team of expert interior consultants with patiently take you through collections, ideas and suggestions – all based on your tastes and aesthetic. Allowing a delightful makeover, a renewed aura and customized charm that reflects your personal taste and course.

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