Posted on April 4th, 2024 10:43 AM

The idea of packing a basket and sitting outdoors under the timid winter sun brings out the serene imagery of nostalgia and sweet memories. As you settle onto the signature gingham checks of the picnic blanket or your cozy patio loungers, with sandwiches in one hand and fresh juice in the other, the chilly breeze will remind you of the one carefree vacation you had along the European Alps in your youth. It is reminiscent of the same midsummer daydream that you flipped through in your childhood picture books and the same as the one you catch a glimpse of in the mellow brushstrokes of an old museum piece.

As the winter weather withers into cloudy grey skies, every brief moment in the sun becomes much more enjoyable. The seldom-seen sunshine calls you to bask in its glory at every possible chance and alludes to the nostalgic tradition of hosting a joyous luncheon with your friends and family. So, revisit some old tales with tasty nibbles, refreshing cocktails, and never-ending conversation on your own patio or backyard, and enjoy the perfect picnic ambiance with Gulmohar Lane furniture decor essentials. 


Organizing the perfect patio picnic is a challenging feat! Now, whether you are doing so to have some quality ‘me’ time with your favorite read or a date with your loved ones, organizing a setup that feels equal parts familiar and fresh requires a keen eye for detail. Welcoming everything from a flask of hot tea and a tray of warm home-cooked meals to a set of comforting cushions and extra-knitted blankets for everyone to pass around, the winters are just the perfect time to host a patio luncheon. Start with a small hand-woven area rug to act as your picnic blanket, and the stage for your kids to play around. Another calming addition atop the cold backyard grass can be a pair of reclined armchairs or seagrass poufs to allow comfortable seating above the ground. To ensure your guests feel warm and cozy, not just by your hospitality but also in reality, put together a handwoven basket stocked with all the winter picnic essentials besides the entire ensemble. 

Fill it with knitted throwsbolsters, and an army of scatter cushions for those of us who need more than warmers and boots to fight the freezing weather outside truly. A second handwoven basket filled with hot breads, sandwiches, maybe some card games, and a few bottles of wine if you are feeling frisky, sets the tone for an evening of ever-flowing conversations & re-told childhood stories. 

Once we’re ready with all the stay-warm strategies! But what about comfortable seating? The setup is hardly complete without the perfect patio seating ideas for your outdoor winter gatherings. A couple of metal or wooden chairs paired alongside a complementary wooden side table would do the trick for hosting in the cold season, whereas the option of a reclined lounge chair for you to put your feet up also becomes a treasured  patio piece. Take out some wicker loungers that play nicely into the picnic aesthetic, while also giving you a spot to relax, sink back, and soak up some nostalgia. Similarly, a few indoor-outdoor rattan armchairs or wooden lounge chairs with detachable upholstered seats, under a patio umbrella or next to a snug fire pit can be the perfect spot for you to keep warm and enjoy the sun after your early morning walk.

Regardless of whether you are designating this get-together for the early sunrise or the elusive setting sun at dusk, a tablescape of earthy textures, a few gentle greens, and warm wooden surfaces can blend beautifully with any garden setting with ease. The first step is to find the perfect table! A small wooden coffee table on a sunlit backyard can be just the set-up for wine & dine. Similarly, you could also bring out a pastoral-finish bistro table or a rustic woven table to evoke a French-inspired countryside feel. As you settle into this idyllic setting, let a wave of nostalgia from the cottage-core dream of simple European life wash all over you.


Now that your comfort and coziness are figured out, it is time to set the table and the theme. An ideal patio picnic would be incomplete without a theme! You could make yourself a sweet sundowner soiree with a charcuterie centerpiece set upon an elegant rattan tray, and a few podgy bloom bunches in glass vases. Resting upon rattan table mats, a napkin swan folded onto each of your cherished crockery as the clink-clink of wine glasses fill your garden with cheer. 

Another take can be to set a timeless tea party for all, with trays full of cucumber sandwiches, glass goblets packed with scones or brownie bites, a sculptural decorative platter dressed up with sweet macarons and tea pots filled to the brim with warm English breakfast tea. The finishing touch of coasters and cutlery for all, alongside a printed menu can take things up a notch and make your dining ensemble more memorable.


Who says winters are just for hot coffee or cocoa? The cold winds might have set in but the occasional sun brings us all the opportunity for a joyful round of “Cheers!”. Turn up some jazzy old blues and stir in the aromatics of burnt wood and mixed herbs with a barbeque, grill, or even an outdoor oven. The scene sets in with a hearty meal of roasted veggies and toasted chestnuts, a few spiced ciders, and liquor cocktails to keep you and your pals warm. A satisfying imagery for sure, but to make it all happen you first need an alfresco bar setup outdoors with a standing bar table and a couple of high bar chairs or stools to go with it. Keep a few pre-filled glasses on top of our minimal-deco Malabar Hill Bar Table, and bring on our Cochin Rattan Bar Chairs to remind you of beautiful Indian summer homes where you and your friends used to run about causing all sorts of trouble. You can also proudly flaunt your bartending skills by preparing exotic cocktails, and decking up all your mixers in a fashionable retro Bar Cabinet.  

Plan the perfect picnic date in your backyard or patio, and enjoy the great outdoors even amidst the season’s chilliness. Transform your outdoor space with a delightful setup, be it fancy or casual, decadent or rustic, just for you or your entire entourage. Whatever your aesthetic may be, the Gulmohar Lane furniture & decor collection has everything to soak up the sun this winter.


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