Starlings at Queen Mary’s

Posted on October 20th, 2022 05:57 PM
Starlings at Queen Mary’s

Unfolding a story of Starlings in Queen Mary’s Rose Garden

Those little black birds with white polka dots that chirp and chatter and, in the winter, hang out in flocks. Starlings are a dazzling bevvy of songbirds. In and around cities and towns, they are ubiquitous. Looking around fields, parks, and lawns you find them travelling over the foliage in what appears to be a haste, frequently in a small zig-zag rhythm, and sticking their bellies into the ground every several steps. And perched on the beautifully bloomed country rose with a history so fascinating.

The term “English rose” is found in Merrie England (1902), a comic opera written by Basil Hood. He describes a garden where “women are the flowers” and in which “the sweetest blossom” or “fairest queen” is “the perfect british rose” and rightly so - a perfectly bloomed british rose is a sight to see, captured ever so beautifully in the euphonious motifs of our newest range.

All Things Quaint..

Carefully curated in shades of soft-colored hues, they create romance and invite light-filled spaces with elegant and humble vibes. This collection isn’t a wallflower; they bring alive the quaintest aura, and add an opulent layer to a home.

Crafted in 100% Linen fabrics, our newly introduced print collection will add a dose of harmonious feelings to a room. Our collection revolves around embracing these natural fibres combined with linen for a countryside look. Our chosen colour schemes further elevate to add warmth and soothe.

“An Ode to this gorgeous print collection”

What style can you attune with this print: traditional or contemporary? OR may be transitional? Florals with a touch of country have never gone out of fashion and are the need of the hour for timelessness. This collection can take on any look; it is romantic, feminine, edgy, classic, contemporary, and eclectic, depending on what you blend it with. Some of our favourite combinations are with earthy solids, stripes, geometric prints, and cane rattan. Twilight hymns of a crimson sky, a little birdie chirps away in the twirls of its flight and below the scarlet sky, beautiful British red roses sway, so shy.

The earth calls to the clattering starlings to rest upon its bed of squashy plant life and blushes of ruby red hues at the beautiful garden of Queen Mary’s, and moods to bring alive the most gorgeous of sights. Taking inspiration from the most picturesque and the quaintest elements around our environs we bring to you our admirable ‘Starlings at Queen Mary’s Rose Garden Collection’


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