The Art to Eclectic Styles

Posted on June 5th, 2021 03:57 PM

Eclectic style is artsy, unique and comes with heaps of personality! Interiors done up with a classy blend of trends, time periods, use of color texture, and curios make for a characteristic design look in space: and that is an Eclectic Style.

The art of combining these eras, designs and thoughts with autonomy to create matchlessness may sound simple, but it’s not! Eclectic style is all about harmony and the coming together of incongruent styles, juxtaposing textures, and contrasting colors to create a cohesive, beautifully comprehended room that wouldn’t be out of place in a home décor magazine as this is one design style that takes dynamism and a great eye. And since eclectic interior design is all about experimentation and play, do have fun with the freedom it allows.

But if the thought of pulling together a brilliant mix of eclectic style furnishings with a confident hand seems daunting our blog will show you how: create your own eclectic space with a swaggering skill.

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Picking a series of main shades to compliment your eclectic design is a great starting point and will duple as a chaperon to help you edit craft a cohesive look. It will also aid in pulling elements of eclectic design together for balance to boot. We suggest you choose one neutral hue and one accent color to get started. Using a calming neutral throughout will allow for a smart base color to layer over, and prevent the room from feeling a tad too overbearing.

That neutral will work marvels together with your chosen accent color especially when applied to different aspects of a room to create a harmonious space instead of a mismatched one. As you go along magnify your core eclectic style palette by starting off with two classic tones for a studied yet nuanced take on eclectic home decor.   
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This is where the character starts to come through and you get to be more intrepid when creating an eclectic interior design vibe as you can play with dramatic patterns.

Continue using similar tones and colors throughout your eclectic decor scheme while keeping in mind your two primary tones. However, do interrupt the space with unpredicted groupings of patterns that don’t necessarily go together. Bracket items together that usually oppose one another and be bold with it, they’ll help you create a one-of-a-kind feel.
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Divergence of textures against one another will create a striking eclectic feel in your home. You want there to be enough going on visually in your space to keep the eye fascinated. A smart way to do this without being overt is to introduce different textures throughout the room in small doses.

Place smooth textures alongside jagged, nubby ones (think velvet surfaces against wood grains), and the soft with the hard (luxurious sofas and throw cushions next to an industrial coffee table, may be). 
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Mingling different furniture design styles is another amusing and crafty way to master beautifully gathered eclectic house décor; there’s no space where a cheerful assortment of things won’t accentuate. In essence, this is what eclectic style decor is all about – mixing the old, the new, the contemporary, and the classic.

Think wingback chairs next to an ultra-modern coffee table, or an Art-Deco mirror above a Victorian mantel. Accentuate features of your home and create a style that is distinctive and individualistic.
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Whatever your statement piece is and however it is making that statement, it needs to be gallant. That being said, you don’t want too many statements in one room. Depending on the size of your room, one statement piece or maximum two (if it’s a large room) will be more than enough to get people talking.

If you have too many bold conversation starters, they’ll eventually compete with each other with both losing after overpowering the viewer and canning the eclectic edge you were aiming for.  
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Eclectic interior design is all about offering your persona in a room. Don’t give yourself too many boundaries for your eclectic style space. Allow your creativity to take center stage, and most importantly have fun with experimentation.  

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