Trending in 2020 | Interiors and Lots More

Posted on January 4th, 2020 04:05 PM

The joys of the New Year - new resolutions, new goals, new vigor, and undeniably some new styles. While our own lives take a refreshing turn with the new dawn, our homes too deserve the same kind of attention. And now that 2019 is a beautiful story of the past, we must refresh our homes with the trends of 2020. Ready to meet them?


This year, we predict that natural will take a luxurious spin and will transform from a raw boho appearance to a more polished affair. Natural building fibers like rattan, bamboo, seagrass and alike are already having a resurgence. While reminding you of childhood, these are evolving in fresher and more exciting ways in the form of chairs, lighting, accessories, bookshelves, tables and more. 2020 will seek a different route to connect with nature and bring it home.


Keeping something old helps you tell a story of who you are while bringing in new trends reflects your progressive nature and this splendid combination is what will rule the interiors of 2020. We are craving for spaces that nurture and envelope us, spaces that let us sink in, places that feel inviting, hence sourcing locally made handicrafts, some ancestral furniture along with some multi-functional modern essentials will take the concept of old and new to a whole new level.


What could be simpler and yet incite more drama & style than a room covered in the same colour or same pattern from floor to ceiling? Inspired by some of the overtly glamorous yet timelessly chic spaces, 2020 will be all about highlighting your spaces in single tones. Instead of choosing pale colours, bold monochromatic will take the center stage and make the space feel chic and inviting. And no, this will not look like you played safe; this will bring out your daring one-off personality.

Image Credits: Instagram@urbanelectricco | gulmoharlane | housebeautiful


While rugs were always in vogue, 2020 will witness their whole new avatar. A rage for new shapes and unexpected materials will take over the market and will explode your home with art. ‘Having fun’ and ‘ditching the obvious’ are the keys to this trend. Playful materials and colours mixed with wool and other fibers are what you should be hunting for.

Image Credits: gulmoharlane | layeredinterior | floorstory


Well, neutrals should be your last choice this year. The cabinets, the walls and the floors too can rejoice as they get an opportunity to dive in the symphony of colours. Warm colours, saturated hues and jewel tones will be strong in 2020, especially classic blue (colour of the year), pinks, caramel and terra-cotta… The personality exemplified by these colours will be as fun as the stories of the people who walk in through the door!

Image Credits: livingetc | gulmoharlane | wholemood

To sum up, if there is one way to describe the interior trends for this year, it is ‘anything goes’. Individuality will be of utmost importance, classics will be back, elements of nature will outshine and storytelling will be paramount.


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