Unclutter | Display | Add a Touch of Handmade with Handwoven Baskets, Trays and More

Posted on November 23rd, 2019 07:23 PM

All they cared to do from morning till noon was to sit in the sun and collect and all that they wished to do from noon till night was to  enjoy  in  the  shade  and  weave.  Once  considered a forest leftover product, rattan, seagrass and other weaving fibers now add to the royal  quotient of our luxury and sustainable lifestyle.

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Traditionally handwoven goods in South East Asian were included for the offerings made to the Gods, and hence the practice of weaving is taught at a young age, resulting in the precision and creativity of the woven crafts. For centuries, indigenous peoples managed the land through basket weaving. The items made are bags, hats, baskets, sandals and a number of other items that are perfect for the home and kitchen. These items are still utilized in day to day life and are rapidly making a trendy statement in modern urban homes too. 

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The journey of these woven stories are beautiful reminders for us to acknowledge the heritage of this craft, its versatile nature and the people behind it while celebrating the humanness they bring to the products! Keeping its ancient roots intact, the craft of Basketry has grown much beyond classic weaves, single tone and storage utility.  They are  bolder,  they  are  experimentative,  they are multipurpose but all unique in their own sense…

You might think how? Here is a brief listing.




#1 Storage You Won’t Hide

The craft of basketry is the perfect solution to so many “what should I put here?” & “how do I organize this?” debates. We can use them all  over  our  houses  but  there  are  a  few  ideas that we recommend to use baskets for storage and décor. A  stylish  solution  to  store  your  extra cushions, throws and favorite reads in living room while cleverly utilizing unattended corner spaces, patterned and woven baskets can  also  be  used  in  bedrooms  without exception. Not only this, you  can  also  ditch  the  obvious  ceramic  pots  and  replace  those  with floor baskets to store & display your house plants and to gather your guest’s umbrellas at the entryway while the table top baskets can be used glorify your fresh blooms.

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With a genius addition of a weaved lid, a basket can also become a keep safe for your small-scale clutter like bills, papers, jewellery, dressing table essentials, makeup, keys etc. It can also be used to hold your trash and dirty laundry without compromising on your interior style and ambience.

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#2 Utility Marvel

Organizing kitchen counters or console table  tops  looks  like  a  lot  of  work  but  with  low,  wide baskets you can keep all of those  random  spices,  cooking  oils,  house  keys,  candles,  pens and other knick-knacks in order without hiding  them  from  view  and  still  easily accessible. These shallow designs  also  work  wonderfully  as  serving  trays  while  being  easy  on your pocket and high on style quotient.

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Eye-catchy even on your dining  tables, basket-like woven coasters and table mats can lend a splendid base to perch glassfuls of refreshments, bowlfuls of scrumptiousness or even some mini vases while protecting your precious furniture from pesky water drips and stains and adding a hint of earthy at the same time.

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#3 Lighting Sensations

Storage and utility might be your  favourite  ideas  to  use  baskets  but  illuminating  a  space  with basket lighting is totally a game  changer,  something  that  will  make  your  home  shine and stand apart from the rest. It’s like flipping over your favourite basket and turning it into a pendant light, which can be equal  parts  casual  elegant  and coastal chic. Just thread a cable through the basket, add a bulb, hang from the ceiling/ lamp stand and plug it in.

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You can even use this trick for your table tops or small spaces as table lamp stand designs and also by using a candle light or a candle and flipping  a  loosely  woven small  cylindrical basket over it. The extravagant patterns will leave your mesmerized and dreamy…

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#4 Visual Spectacle

Breaking  the myth of ‘baskets have to  be used  for storage’, here is how  they can create a  visual  spectacle in your hallway, living room and even bedroom.   Incorporating a more global style décor into your home, assorted African baskets or colour induced baskets make for a great gallery wall display right above the sofa  or  bed and in the connecting hallway walls. They can narrate a story or can add a mood ambience to your spaces all the while being distinctive and attention grabbing.

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Now that we have covered ceilings, walls, furniture then why not think about something  for  the floor too? A tightly woven and intricately patterned colour block rug or floor mats will steal the show with their delicate beauty and sensational style.  And the best part,  they come in all shapes and sizes, be it square, circle, rectangle or even hexagonal.

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Trending as one of the most favorable décor choices, basketry for modern home has to do more than just utility and attractiveness, it is about a  healthier and  supportive  environment,  a vigilant consumer and a tender human being, a futurist and an art connoisseur.

So, its time to think handwoven utility and while at it why not explore Gulmohar Lane’s brand new additions? Get inspired and utilize these tips to create storage and allure and by going natural in your décor too. They will be live on our website soon, so stay tuned!