Uncommon Statement of style – Gulmohar Lane’s Fabric Collection

Posted on September 14th, 2022 03:35 PM

It’s the little things in life, we’re told, that matter. Such wisdom brings a plethora of extraordinary themes to unfold, while the intricacy of design takes over a space. Over the past few years, the narrative has quietly been about transforming rooms from ordinary to extraordinary, enhancing furnishings, upholstery, and other fabrics with exquisite details.

We are far more global today than ever before, with the way we want to express ourselves – to have an individual identity & persona - hence it only makes sense to synthesize the comfortable, casual, ’glocal’ lifestyle and the grander features of traditional designs into a fresh statement—something vibrant and layered that allows homeowners to reflect their own personalities & character.

Gulmohar Lane fabrics are designed by a team of in-house experts with the utmost attention to detail. Each textile design is laboriously hand painted and then translated onto refined styles on fabric bases suitable for upholstery and furnishings alike. Carrying a timeless aesthetic and gorgeous sensibility yet keeping modern day needs in mind resulting in a collection that offer exceptional quality alongside value in a design appeal that is sure to elevate your interiors.

Timeless aesthetic and gorgeous sensibility

A collection that offer exceptional quality alongside value in a design appeal that is sure to elevate your interiors. Offering a wide range of fabric design collections that are available in various weights, patterns and motif sizes to provide one with several choices to introduce beautiful details & a quaint character to space – the collection is available to buy by Meter HERE.

Our timeless classic prints and textures are carefully designed to ensure your home remains opulent in aesthetics and rooted
in authentic design for years to come. Here is a peek to our collection of beautiful fabrics:

Twilight hymns of a crimson sky, a little birdie chirps away in the twirls of its flight. And below the scarlet sky, beautiful red florets sway, so shy. The earth calls to the clattering starlings to rest upon its bed of squashy plant life and roses and hues and moods to bring alive the most gorgeous of sights. Taking inspiration from the most picturesque and the quaintest elements around our environs we bring to you our admirable ‘Wildflower Collection’

Composition: 100% Linen. Martindale: 40000-50000. Uses: Upholstery, Tapestry.

A striking feature of early century Persian Poem is the abundant depiction of nature. Whether it is the spiritual gardens of mystical writings or the luxuriant gardens of romance that lent for tales of love or the verses of nocturnal vine flower scents that enticed the hummingbirds; Persian poems have long confirmed the eloquent testimonies, claiming the significance of gardens in the Persian culture. In our next collection of prints, we bring to you, a visual tale of one such Persian Garden, witnessed
during dawn, dusk & when it’s moonlit.

Composition: Cotton, Linen, Polyester, Viscose. Martindale: 90000. Uses: Upholstery, Tapestry.

Anna’s Humming Bird in Clouds Wrapped by the fluently green Blush in the nectar you seek And when you murmur these secrets to the Clouds They rumble with mirth and dance around. Anna’s Hummingbird you flutter your wings, they beat faster than the wind. An eloquent rush, everything around it turns in to a humble hymn.

Composition: 25% Cotton, 25% Linen, 25% Polyester, 25% Viscose. Martindale: 90000. Uses: Upholstery, Tapestry

A summer escape into the world of whimsical and tenacious scents and aromas, a world filled with clusters of delicate jasmine buds, dramatic full blooms and elegant greens, an alluring world as seen in meadows and sunlit fields. ‘Jasmine Bagh’ recites this saga in a ravishing half-drop print design.

Composition: 100% Linen. Martindale: 40000-50000. Uses: Upholstery, Tapestry

Just launched ‘Fabric by Meter’ option allows you to purchase exclusive range of gorgeous fabric choices. Uniting stunning designs in a lusciously lyrical palette and subtle detailed motifs to add a classic to contemporary chic to your space.