Wall decor ideas for big spaces

Posted on May 6th, 2017 12:31 PM

High ceilings, embraced with a big gorgeous chandelier seem like a dream, but decorating giant walls that come as a result of wanting high ceilings in your home, can be a challenge. A small piece of artwork or painting, floating in a huge expanse of your wall will only look insignificant. By giving a little attention, you can really add warmth and interest to your tall walls. 

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Here are a few tips to add the desired cosiness and warmth to your sky-high walls!


An ideal complement to large walls is a vertical artwork. A single bold image, perfect for such prominence, is a great way to connect your extra height to the rest of the decor. Look for something that you love and compliments your aesthetics, not just to fill the space. Anchor your artwork to most vacant spot—centred above a sofa, at the halfway of the wall, or between two accent pieces.

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Blending a healthy mix of shapes, sizes like horizontals, squares and verticals will help you design your walls if you don't want to go for a single large artwork. The ever-on-trend wall gallery is ideal for large unfilled spaces. All you need is a few frames or artworks, beautifully grouped together, to transform bland into beautiful.

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3) SIZE UP: 

One of the simplest ways to fill large walls is to scale up your artwork. Large pieces, hanged above the eye level, complimenting the entire wall, are powerful enough to balance the emptiness of the room, without overpowering the overall decor.

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Dust off your last holiday pictures, unpack your grandma's vintage plates, or pull out all your prized possessions and proudly display them for all to see. Vintage postcards or drawing, botanical prints from old books, classic album covers, framed and hanged on the walls will stir the nostalgia, creating a personal and balanced look. 

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Be it an artwork, a painting with bright colours or a collection of various sized colourful canvases, employing vivid hues take the eyes upwards, making the large walls seem more intimate and connected to the entire space.

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An amazing way to dress your large walls is by using textiles. Tapestries, textiles, vintage quilts or even antique blankets are too lovely to keep hidden and folded away in your storage. Rather, hang the fabric, mounted on thin rods, to bring unique texture and cocoon- like feeling to your space. 

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Create an architectural interest to your walls by using wood trims. The gorgeous floor to ceiling wood trims will turn your bland and boring wall to a piece of art itself. To get a rustic yet modern look, try to incorporate stone to elevate your tall wall into an accent wall. These differently decorated wall treatments, from classic wood panelling to rustic shiplap or geometric shapes, will add texture and depth to your decor making them a beautiful ambient piece of art.

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What's better than turning an oversized wall into a beautiful library? Add a floor to ceiling bookcase that you can use to display your collection of books, or maybe treasure collectibles. A comfortable chair on the side and a library ladder will help you turn your large wall into a functional addition to your decor. 

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There's nothing simpler and glamorous than a beautiful mural decorated on an enormous wall. These removable wallpapers install easily and give you the liberty to change your decor, as often as you want. Tropical or nature inspired wallpaper to transport you to wild forests or Asian art inspired chinoiserie murals, to add a rich, cultural authenticity to your decor, wall murals can instantly bring a sense of getaway to your walls.

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So, embrace the creative freedom that comes with large blank walls and make the most of it!