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Wake up and smell the hot chocolate! Christmas is right around the corner and so is all the festive fervor surrounding the Season of Gifting. The streets stand wrapped up in twinkling lights and anticipation, as the busy bodies and hurried steps of mall goers run along every store in the hunt for the next item on their shopping list. Christmas carols on the radio or faintly hidden in the background of the mall’s speakers, string in a collective community of festive cheer amongst all and call you to follow the sweet-scented smell of roasted chestnuts, freshly baked cookies, and signature Christmas drinks at your nearest coffee shop.

However, the adventure of finding the perfect Christmas gifts for your loved ones through mounds of gift hampers and holiday PJ sets is surely enjoyable. Navigating through the labyrinth of subpar and repetitive gifting choices for a truly unique and thoughtful gift often hampers the joy of the entire process. As you strike another date on the calendar pages leading up to Santa’s arrival, forgo the annual frenzy this year with the following carefully curated gifting guide of Gulmohar Lane’s unique handcrafted and artisanal products that are perfect for your family and friends. Handpicked for not just bringing the spirits of the season but also a purposeful addition to the recipient’s Christmas home decorations; this list of home decor gifts is sure to convey the Holly-Jolly spirit and suffice for all your Christmas shopping needs!


Let’s start with the special men in your life. Whoever he may be, your husband, boyfriend, childhood best friend, brother, or even your father! Christmas is a time to show your love, appreciation, and gratitude for the people you hold most dear in the world and they deserve something unique for the holidays too. Men, although they are a difficult strata to shop for, when it comes to home decor – the decision is made so much easier! Here are a few unique and special Christmas home decor gifts for him:


For your brother or best friend who has always been an ardent cricket fan or hockey enthusiast, a celebration of his preferences and active lifestyle is the perfect way to shower some merriness into his life this Christmas. Our unique sports-themed wall decor such as the English Willow Bat Theme Décor or Ice Hockey Theme Decor can work with almost any interior design style and make for the perfect gifting option.


With the winter winds bringing darker days, imagine a radiant table lamp by his bedside table. You can also enlighten his office desk by bringing not only an ideal utilitarian function but also an Art Deco design to infuse some character into the space. Our unique and resplendent table lamps and lamp stands are great gifting options for anyone with a vintage taste.


Christmas is a time to make your home cozy, and what better way to make that happen than with comfortable cushions? With a plethora of choices, from knitted cushion covers to scrunched leather cushion covers, the options are endless!


Enhancing the walls with a luxurious leather-clad surface or the beauty of an elegant golden rim, the rich textural details and resplendent warmth of our Mirrors collection add a depth of refinement to his Christmas home decorations. With its beautifully handcrafted chevron pattern, our Edwardian Collection exudes allure and reminds the recipient of your thoughtfulness.


A dash of green, in a sea of grey. Handwoven rattan baskets or potters are not just elements that will bring a breath of freshness to their home but also add a versatile and functional accessory to their living spaces. Adorn them with potted plants to let go of the dreary winter weather outdoors or use them as a parking spot for umbrellas and raincoats in the entryway. Our collection of handwoven baskets and intriguing iron planters bring artisanal and textured embellishments to their abode.


We’ve all witnessed our fathers relishing their morning tea with a spread of his daily newspaper stories. This Christmas, gift him a thoughtfully crafted spot to rest all his reading conquests in one place with a beautifully crafted leather-clad magazine holder. A wooden tray next to the window in his reading nook would do the same trick, as it brings a functional yet aesthetic accessory to the space.

If you are still unsure of what to choose as Christmas gifts for him, explore Gulmohar Lane’s curated collection of luxurious Gifts for Him and find the perfect gift for his unique preference and watch them cherish it for years to come.


The first one to plan the gifts for all of the extended family and the first one to prep the most thoughtful feast for all! The most wonderful time of the year urges you to find something special for her, be it your wife, aunt, mother, or girlfriend. There may be a sea of choices flooding your inbox, with ‘gifts for her’ categories from the jewelry, clothing, and cosmetics aisles. But a gifting choice that is sure to show them your appreciation for years to come, is getting them something to elevate their home to new heights this holiday season. This carefully curated list of home decor gifts for her presents you with the perfect handcrafted gift for all the wonderful women in your life.


For all those days when her “just 5 more minutes” turned into a half-hour-long junction before the mirror. Our collection of beautifully handcrafted ornate mirrors is the perfect present to enhance her bedroom walls or living spaces. With a dainty scroll-like silhouette and twirly details along the corners in gold, these stately statement pieces become the focal point in any setting and add to her unique beauty and charm.


A chance to fill her home with the sweet fragrance of a podgy bouquet of blooms, our collection of unique hand-blown glass vases is a great addition to her space.  Set them up on her entryway console as she welcomes you home or as centrepieces to her beautiful holiday-themed tablescaping endeavours. Our sculptural and sophisticated vases come in a variety of beautiful hues from our Rose Gold Glass Amphoras to the mesmerising teal-coloured Shibori Collection and can work with a wide variety of aesthetics. 


All the beautiful medallions, rings, and necklaces you have brought her over the years, must also need an equally thoughtful place to keep them right? Adorned with an aged antique finish, our one-of-a-kind Glass Keepsakes Boxes add an authentic vintage touch to her bedside table and become as much of an heirloom piece as the accessories she rests in them. Similarly, little handwoven trinkets and bowls are another way to help her get organized and tidy up her living space by becoming the perfect destination to station the car keys, watch, and to-do lists.


Want to find a gift that celebrates her artistic spirit and tips towards her creative pursuits? A hand-painted artwork frame holds a special significance for those who have a keen eye and understanding of the delicate brush strokes layered upon the canvas and the intricate details of the artist’s passions behind every novel piece. Gift her an exquisite hand-painted framed artwork and watch her face light up with absolute joy as she stages it in her holiday decor this season!


For all the times she has thought to keep your comfort first, choose a gift that encourages her to curl up with her favorite book and savor a relaxing winter evening. With our expansive range of decorative cushion covers, pick and choose a set of covers that captures her unique aesthetic – be it a set of vibrant florals like our ‘Magpies Gather for a Brunch’ collection or our dainty pastel-toned ‘Fern Hill’ collection.

Bath Accessories Set

Everyone loves an organized bathroom countertop, with all your daily essentials in place and a designated space for all your new skincare finds. Make a Christmas hamper out of our earthy and aesthetically pleasing bathroom accessories. Combine the rustic soap dispenser and tumbler from our Athens Bath Set, the Hata Rattan Tray Set, and the Hata Rattan Handwoven Baskets to go with it and give their bathroom a categorically aesthetic makeover. 

Designer Lamps

If her idea of paradise involves being snug with a good book in her favorite part of the house – the reading nook; then a designer lamp is the perfect gift for her. Think table lamps that cast a soft-focused glow around her side of the bed for all her late-night fiction reads or a statement floor lamp that welcomes an ambient atmosphere for her daily pages while also becoming a focal point in the room for depth and dimension. You can also incorporate her creative spirit by opting for a sculptural lamp stand option

These thoughtful gifting options are sure to elicit a smile on your loved one’s face and the women in your life deserve nothing less. However, if you are still unsure what to choose as Christmas gifts for her, Explore Gulmohar Lane’s curated collection of luxurious Gifts for Her and find the perfect gift that encapsulates her unique interests and personality.

In a world where mass-produced items dominate the market, the art of giving a gift that is truly unique, thoughtful, and carries a sense of authenticity is hard to find. Our handcrafted products are surely a step towards making the art of gifting more meaningful, but if you are still confused and are questioning your choices, Don’t! With Gulmohar Lane’s Christmas E-Gift Card, you can skip the guesswork and give your loved ones a chance to choose their gifts from our exquisite collection of home and lifestyle products.

Our Gift Cards can be sent out whenever you please, making them the perfect solution for last-minute gifting! With an adorable illustration on the cards, our Christmas E-Gift card adds a personalized touch and makes the art of gift-giving easy and accessible for all during the holiday season!


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