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Christmas sure is the most wonderful time of the year and as lovely as the merry melody of jingle bell songs and Christmas carols are, this season also ushers in an undertone of frenzy. The joy of hosting holiday dinner parties is mingled with a mix of emotions, from the panic of gift shopping to the tension of ensuring that your home appears absolutely flawless. Who wouldn’t want to walk into a party and be enchanted by wispy fairy lights stretched from one corner to the next, or be taken to the depths of the moors by an immersive ambience of earthy petrichor scents? As you make your way through the gathering – evergreen holly, spiced cinnamon lattes, plum cake, and festive cocktails fill the room with seasonal splendour. Meanwhile the wreath on the door, ornaments on the tree, and stockings on the mantle build anticipation and excitement for both entertainers and homebodies alike.

Get ready to be the hostess with the mostess this year as you give your home a Christmas Makeover with Gulmohar Lane’s unique accent furniture and decor. Continue reading to find a  plethora of styling tips that are specially curated to bring the Holly-Jolly spirits of the season while also incorporating purposeful additions to your holiday home decorations.


First things first, to bring on the Christmas spirit, the entrance to your home needs to be as enchanting as the rest of the house. A beautiful festive wreath at the door is the first step and will surely do the trick, but if you want to truly stand out, a few sparkling accessories are what you require. This Christmas, greet your guests with Gulmohar Lane’s exquisite lighting options and bedeck your doorways and entryways with the warmth of lanterns and dazzle of overhead pendants or scones.

For an added effect, you can also decorate the lights with beautifully merry – red & green garlands. Besides the wreath, other wall decor elements on the entryway such as mirrors and shelves can also feature fir-filled garlands that welcome your holiday guests to a preview of the joyous Christmas theme.


Not just a fun Christmas song, decking the halls or decorating for the holiday season is a customary ritual and invites a festive feeling in your home. Adding sparkly lights along the stretch of your hallway with medieval wall sconces or a row of pendants brings a much-needed radiance to this transitory space. The same space can also be elevated with the simple addition of a captivating console table or chest of drawers. This not only adds visual intrigue but also adds more space for you or your guests to keep their knick-knacks as they enter the main hall.

The console also brings a myriad of decorating opportunities! Add an opulent mirror on top with fresh evergreens, a tray filled with festive ornaments or rustic acorns, and a set of lustrous candlesticks to make the entire ensemble come together. A well-decorated round mirror with fresh vines or garlands laced around the edges can also give the appearance of a wreath and become a testament to your creativity.


Close your eyes and try imagining a Christmasy living room. Go on, try it! Did blobs of red, white and green start swirling together and filling the blank that you started out with? It did, right? The first thing that comes to mind when thinking of a Christmas theme decor is the signature festive colour scheme that instantaneously makes everything feel holiday season appropriate. Similarly, the following are themes that you can keep in mind when curating your Living Room Decor.

The Xmas season summons a gush of brazen winter wind and what better way to soak in the season’s chilliness than by tucking yourself in a snug knitted throw or amongst a sea of feathery soft cushions that remind you of marshmallows floating in your hot choco? The same soft furnishing can also be hidden away in a statement olive-tone leather trunk in front of a cosy and comfortable slipcover sofa or an equally inviting sofa cum bed in the centre of the room. These homey additions encourage the entire family to sink in and spend quality family time together on Christmas morning. Your decor can also incorporate earthy textures and woody fragrances through bunches of rosemary and thyme tied up and kept in beautiful glass bowls, or a row of sweet vanilla and cinnamon candles to fill the air with a cosy nostalgic note.


Whether the weather outside resonates with the classic frosty scenery of Christmas movies or not, your indoors can surely be a winter wonderland with just a few extra elements to your decor. Imagine a room dressed in pristine whites, with neutral tone upholstered armchairs, frosty off-white furniture, flowy white curtains and a bushy Christmas tree dressed with faux snow dust drizzled all around its branches. In this icy surrounding, natural elements such as firewood, pinecones and grassy garlands bring an enchanting rustic touch to offset the sea of whites. Additionally, a few sparkly additions such as brassy candle holders for white pillar candles and a few golden ribbons enveloping the castle of colour-coordinated gifts in white wrapping paper add the appropriate amount of festive undertone to your White Christmas.

For those who wish to incorporate the classic reds, whites and greens of the festive time, the decor options are endless! Start with a sculptural woody coffee table in the centre and gather a combination of timeless sofa designs around it such as a Chesterfield Leather Sofa in rich veridian tones. A pastoral finish chest of drawers on the side can replace the need for a mantle in the space and can be the base for traditional Christmas decor accents such as candy canes, a fistful of thistle in a vase and a row of stockings hanging by its edges.


The Christmas tree is undoubtedly the centrepiece to every Christmas decor. A festive setup for the most magical traditions, the Christmas tree has always been a place that brings the whole family together. Hence, underneath the Christmas tree is one of the most important locations to decorate and bring in joy. Starting with a handwoven basket as a planter to let the tree rest on. Additionally, small bowls or baskets to keep ornaments and baubles until you start decorating the tree is another great touch. For the overly excited kids in the house, who don’t have the patience to wait till they settle onto the sofa to open the gifts – a comforting hand-knotted rug underneath and a spread of scatter cushions on the floor can be just the soft haven they need.


As you stand in the grocery store aisle with a cart full of your Christmas feast’s ingredients, turn to a few added celebratory accents to make the meal that much more memorable. Silky bows next to satin napkins and sparkling glass bowls filled with gingerbread cookies for all can curate the essence of the special occasion. So set the table for Santa’s arrival with milk and cookies (or cheese and wine after the kids go to sleep) and place it beautifully in a dainty rattan tray. Settle it onto a rustic ensemble of our rattan dining chairs and robust wooden table with pine needles and evergreens collected from the garden, and display the choicest of treats on top of your favourite Christmas-theme table runner.


As we wrap up our journey through the enchanting realm of Christmas Home Makeovers, remind yourselves that the magic of the season lies not just in the carefully placed ornament, or red and white twinkling lights, but in the shared moments of joy and warmth created while decorating the home together. Thus, explore Gulmohar Lane’s exquisite decor collection that welcomes the essence of the season to your home and crafts a symphony of holiday cheer with interesting pieces.


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