Set up your First Home Together!

Posted on April 3rd, 2024 12:29 PM

A journey that begins with a simple promise, the exchange of “I do’s” and dreams of lifelong togetherness, now calls you upon the delightful adventure of setting up your first home together. With shared laughter, warmth, and fervent discussions over the color of the walls, this process of picking and choosing all the little pieces of your dream home fuels love and creates post-wedding bliss in every corner of your house.

Soon to be wed or just newly married, the joy of beginning your new life starts with the core memories of turning a house into a home. It’s a journey that goes beyond selecting furniture; it’s about curating an intimate space that resonates with your love story. A happy time indeed, but also a time filled with an overwhelming amount of planning right after the fanatic wedding season. Choosing the right furniture and decor for your forever home requires a lot of thought. Continue reading the following blog as it takes you on a journey through the memorable yet tumultuous process of building a home together.


Maybe you like a farmhouse-style home, and he likes a more minimalist one? You prefer a lot of breezy floral prints and he is inclined more towards geometric prints? No matter how minimalist or maximalist each one of you may be, you both need to have a clear vision of your preferred design styles and a specific aesthetic for each room. A dream home should ideally represent both your styles and sentiments equally. Be it mixing a Scandinavian-style minimal bedroom with the dainty addition of an old-timey rattan bed or adding nature-inspired textures to an already colonial design living room. 

Some of you newlyweds may be starting a home anew. If you are ‘Starting from Scratch’, here are some design styles and pointers to look out for in each room

LIVING ROOM “Entertainers or Homebodies”

Are you both solid entertainers, who love inviting people over or are more accustomed to staying in and having quality time by yourselves? Both these lifestyles require you to make very different choices of furniture and decor for your living room. Pick a compact and cushy slipcover sofa to snuggle into if you are a homebody and like a couch where you can cuddle with your partner and watch TV. If you both enjoy hosting and having people over all the time, a larger sectional sofa and opulent decor is what would suit and seat your guests better.

DINING ROOM “Table for two… or More

Similarly, it is important to consider how big you want your dining set-up to be. The wonders of a home-cooked dinner and an intimate table for two at wooing your loved one is an effective choice to set the mood. However, if you have friends and family over for dinner parties all the time, this set-up may need the help of a few additional side benchesottomans, or a larger dining table to make the most of the space. With a vast collection of cozy bistro dining tables and chairs to robust wooden dining tables, the Gulmohar Lane Dining Collection has it all for you.

Bedroom “A Cozy & Romantic Retreat”

A bedroom is a place that without a doubt needs to feel cozy and comfortable at all times. It should be an intimate space that resonates with both your lifestyles. Designs like our Summer Garden Collection and Province Collection set the tone for cozy and romantic spaces with their pastoral finish and French country-style details. Additionally, a layered look with a melange of textured and printed cushions coversthrows and decor can make the space feel more inviting and restful.


Your first home together calls you to think long-term when shopping for furniture pieces. Investing in a few handcrafted furniture pieces that are good quality and comfortable doesn’t just show your unique personality but also adds a layer of sophistication and visual intrigue to your home. A rattan sofa, an accent armchair, and a unique coffee table are pieces that can dictate the appeal of the room and also allow you to spend quality time with each other. Timeless designs such as majestic Leather Trunks or a wicker console table are also pieces that can never go out of style.

 Adding such classic elements not only adds personality to the space but can also become heirloom pieces that adorn your home and your lives for years to come, without losing their charm. Such statement pieces can also feature bold botanical or abstract printed upholstery that seamlessly helps integrate a cohesive color palette for the room.


As most have heard before, the secret to a happy married life is a happy wife! Now, a sure way to ensure the happiness of your wife or soon-to-be wife is the introduction of more than ample closet space. Of course, most of us have also met many husbands who stand by the same rule, with wardrobes full and a passion for clothes. Since two fashionable people equate to a lot of clothes, it is safe to say that as you set up your new home, it is an ideal opportunity to extend all the storage in the house by a mile! Outside of the classic his and hers wooden cupboards for the dressing room, a Victorian chest of drawers around the bedroom can be a great way to incorporate extra space while also giving you a landing spot for your trinket bowl, new photo frames, and a few ornate candle stands.

 Wall shelves do the same without taking up much room and other multi-purpose storage solutions such as side tables with drawers or benches or ottomans with hidden storage are also great additions to your new dream home.


A balanced color scheme in the house is an absolute must-have. Whether one of you has a bold personality and wants to paint the wall red with a floral printed wallpaper or a calming personality with an inclination towards more sophisticated neutral toned wallpapers, bringing a mix of colors into your new home is a great way to show the harmony and unity of your two personalities. It weaves together a display of your dreamy love story and infuses a layer of freshness into your home. Adding color doesn’t have to be an overwhelming task as well, with the option of printed wallpaperswall decorsoft furnishings, and accent furniture in the hues of your choice, you can layer in a multitude of complementary and contrasting colors to a space without compromising on both your individual aesthetic choices.


While most of your home should be in unison with both your lifestyle and preferences, there should also be a few furniture or decor elements that exhibit each of your individuality. A beautiful bouquet of blooms in a rose gold glass amphora, an ornate mirror on top of the vanity, a vintage keepsakes box for her jewelry, and a scatter of vivid floral cushions on her side of the bed. These little accessories can make a world of difference in her comfort and make her feel more at home. Alternatively, she may be someone who enjoys a more rustic and outdoorsy aesthetic, and a rattan box or abstract wooden tray can authentically reflect her unique tastes and interests. Similarly, your husband or soon-to-be husband may be someone who has an eye for the arts, and a hand-painted artwork next to a table lamp on his office desk will help him build a stronger emotional connection to the surroundings. If he is a sports fanatic, our unique sports-themed wall decor is the perfect addition to adorn the family room for his weekly game nights.

Finally, as magic fills the air and mingles with the fragrance of fresh paint, a whimsical tale of newfound hope and dreams of togetherness blossoms with every detail you both carefully curate. Embrace the beautiful journey of crafting your forever home with Gulmohar Lane’s unique designs and build a shared sanctuary at the hands of love and quality craftsmanship.

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