The Beauty of Upholstery: Introducing Prints into your Home

Posted on April 3rd, 2024 10:52 AM

Seasons changing and the festive spirit awakening, our homes are ready for panache and personality as it welcomes old friends and family. Swerving towards the annual home renovations and revamp projects, it’s time to throw caution to the wind and invite vibrant colours and mesmerizing prints to your interiors. Even though you want to refresh your home, we know painting the walls red or green is not something most of us would be comfortable with, right off the bat. That’s where our secret ingredient –  ‘Printed Upholstery’ brings its magic.  The Beauty of Upholstered furniture is that it can introduce prints and panoramic hues into your humble abode in a noncommittal way and breathe new life into your homes.

So, whether you are preparing for festive gatherings, doing a complete makeover, or just craving a change in your surroundings, printed upholstery furniture is your ticket to transformation. Be it a minimalist apartment or a maximalist regal manor, upholstery with prints & patterns is not something only for decorators with extravagant taste. They can be done tastefully with subtle soothing shades to add depth and texture to an array of interior design styles and reflect your unique personality.  Embark on a journey through the many opportunities printed upholstered furniture provides us with as you continue reading, and learn how to do it right!


Starting as far back as the 5th-6th Centuries B.C, India has had a long history of decorating fabrics with beautiful prints. So it comes as no surprise to us that when it comes to redecorating our homes anew, furniture is the first place Indian homes go looking to fill with prints. Printed upholstery can add a dash of your personal style and define the characteristic vibe and colour scheme of your home. From timeless stripes to gingham checks to flamboyant florals and nature-inspired galores, each print has its own narrative and evokes a different emotion.

Hence, choosing the right prints and colours that align with your lifestyle and aesthetic for your upholstered furniture is extremely important. A printed accent armchair with a soothing spread out and small scale print would grace a quaint cottagecore aesthetic,  whereas the printed upholstery for an Art Deco aesthetic home would benefit more from an extravagant and glamorous print in deeper tones


With modern homes veering towards a vast landscape of cautious whites and neutrals, bringing in a few furniture pieces with vivacious motifs and dramatic printed upholstery can add colour, depth and instant personality or charisma to your space. Regal floral printed upholstery such as our ‘Summer Garden Night’ can emulate a graceful and rich ambiance which evokes a sense of vibrancy in your living room, while an eye-catching geometric pattern fabric can add visual splendor and intrigue in your living room and showcase your exuberant taste. It can thus be a sublime way to portray your unique personality or define the ambiance and mood of a certain space.

For instance, incorporating nature-inspired and vibrant printed upholstered seating with a kaleidoscope of colours and floral patterns such as our ‘Tropical Cornyards Fabric’ in living room or cozy corners can invite vibrancy and whimsy to their space. Upholstered furniture with prints is thus a great way to rejuvenate a mundane space and breathe new life into your home without having to commit to a permanent change.

Additionally, prints are also a great source of inspiration and facilitator if you are struggling to land on a colour palette for your home. With a combination of complementary & contrasting colours that layer and work well together, they can lay the foundation and string a cohesive story throughout a large space, all the while elevating the style quotient of the room.


Nature is a powerful inspiration for printed upholstery and can fully shift the energy of a space. With the changing seasons, the addition of biophilic or botanical prints can infuse a sense of rejuvenation while also lending a pastoral scenic beauty that evokes a feeling of tranquility and calm to the space. Floral printed upholstery thus works perfectly in restful spaces like bedrooms and reading nooks as it gives one the feeling of being in nature while sitting in the comfort of their home. Additionally, nature inspired prints can also be a tactful solution to adding rich moody colours and large scale motifs to a setting without having it feel too overwhelming.

For instance, although the striking panoramic view of Gulmohar Lane’s meticulously crafted ‘A Persian Garden Fabric Collection’ features eclectic vivid hues and botanicalprints, it breathes easy and appears elegant while also invoking a sense of drama and occasion to any surrounding


As you embrace the joy of decorating with festivities and home revamps, the addition of a printed furniture brings your home the bold and captivating focal point that can elevate your home to new heights and bring on the festive spirit. Accent sofas and armchairs in an intricate and colourful floral print like our ‘Starlings at Queen Mary’s Fabric’ feels familiar yet fresh, and creates an immersive nature inspired experience that draws your guests’ in and makes them feel invited and welcome.

Such a statement print thus injects the room with personality and enlightens the viewer of the aesthetic for the entire home. Patterns like these command attention at the first glance and diverts the eye from any negative space or corners that you wish to keep unnoticed. Printed furniture is hence not just a tactful element that can add visual interest to a space but also add depth and dimension to your spaces. A geometric pattern like a chevron or pinstripe design also adds drama to a mundane space and becomes a standout element that sparks conversations and delight.


Now that you have decided on a print for your living room armchair duo, doesn’t the rest of your home feel uninspired without them? The silver lining! Prints are probably at their best, when paired together with a curated balance of more prints and patterns. You don’t have to confine your choices with just one statement printed furniture piece, instead dive right in and get creative with contrasting patterns and breaking traditional design boundaries by mixing and matching a variety of printed upholstery fabrics.  Layering multiple pieces of upholstered furniture such as fabric sofasarmchairsdining chairs, and even headboards to the bed with either the same printed upholstery or different ones can bring not just character and colour to your home but also add more depth and dimension to your interiors. When tastefully selected and expertly paired, layering printed upholstery can give large conventional dining rooms a more eclectic and opulent aesthetic or make smaller living rooms feel more cozy and inviting by directing the focal points and capturing attention.

To ensure you don’t end up with a mismatched and overflowing printed fiasco, building on a common theme and an established colour story is crucial. Pick a balance of soothing neutral colours and an interplay of complementary and contrasting  accent shades that appear coherent. Additionally choosing motifs that carry the same aesthetic such as our ‘Sacred Indian Tree Fabric’ & ‘Banana Tree Fabric’  also help in creating a cohesive and coordinated look.

Therefore, bring home the beauty of exquisite prints and patterns with printed upholstered furniture and gear up for the festive revamps with ease. Whether you want to go all out with the festive revamp by adding colour and life into your home headfirst with bright colours and mixing patterns or tread lightly with just a few statement printed furnishings; Gulmohar Lane’s collection of meticulously crafted signature printed upholstery and upholstered furniture designs have something for everyone.



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