The Refreshing & Commanding Blue Story

Posted on July 20th, 2019 11:41 AM

“Blue is the only color which maintains its own character in all its tones. It will always stay blue.”

- Raoul Dufy, French Fauvist Painter

The colour of the sea and the sky, of serenity and authority, of calm and command - the spectrum of blue is versatile, extraordinary and a personal favourite of all. From being associated with barbarians in ancient Rometo being the color of Mary’s cloak during the development of the cult of the Virgin in the 12th century, blue’s journey and its association with varied moods has made it one of the most preferred colours in the fashion and décor industry. 

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Be it the classic shibori print or the timeless nautical stripes or the traditional blue pottery, the hues of this shade have left their longing impressions on million hearts. With more than 53% world identities (flags) using this colour, let’s discover what effect it can have in your humble abode.
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Brining ease into the home, the pastelgamut of blue, ranging from Powder Blues to Aqua Blues, is all about tranquil and calm connections with the divine nature. We are talking flowy drapes, informal lounging and open spaces! Airy and diluted, these shades reflect acleaner look and are best used in small hints, like armchairs (or smaller sofas), cushions, accessories, lamps, curtains, duvets, headboards and bed skirts. Pair them with either whites for a beach-inspired look or go with darker hues of blue to set a more chic look.

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Dusky Blue, with touches of grey, is for the souls looking for sophistication and moody vibes in their home. Paired best with a rustic like setting with touches of both wood and metal, this colour is not overpowering and can blend in a space really well, almost acting like a modern neutral. Your cabinet veneers, velvet furniture upholstery, abstract carpets, metal lighting or even an accent wall are the best spots to host this new-age eclectic colour from the blue family.

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A dash of this colour in your home and it almost feels magazine worthy! Unexpected yet cozy, saturated yet fresh, the bluish green combination of the Teal Bluecolour comes in both dark and light tints. This shade of blue is preferred for its vintage and rustic cottage like appeal, taking you down the memory lane, right in your grandparents’patio or living room. Bringing out the grays, whites and woods, teal walls can help you go above and beyond the eclectic look to something more unique and enviable.

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When talking about the blue story, how can we not mention the refined and royal Indigo and Navy Blue- these deep hues purify your thinking, help reduce visual clutter and emit opulence, even in the tiniest of spaces. At home, you can use these shades with gold and wooden accents to intensify the mood or you can combine them with whites for a subtler look. From your furniture (small or large) to cushions to accessories to furnishings, each and every piece can adopt these timeless hues in their own special way. And maybe that is why we at Gulmohar Lane are so in love with this shade of blue.

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There is no such thing as too much blue, a major wash of blue-on-blue can feel right just like the rain.This worldly hue might boast ancient roots, but its quenching tones are instant room refreshers, no matter the vibe. And with so many shades of blue to choose from, what is it going to be for you - nautical or regal?