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From being ‘partners in crime’ to ‘mortal enemies’ in the blink of an eye, the bond we have with our siblings is probably one of the most dynamic relationships in our lives. Be it sharing leftover food by the fridge at midnight or playfully fighting over the last slice of every pizza, the irreplaceable bond we share with our siblings is woven with countless threads of shared memories, secrets and occasional squabbles.

With ‘Raksha Bandhan’ or ‘Rakhi’ right around the corner, all the name calling and pranks cease for once as siblings all around India celebrate each other, and show how much they love and cherish each by tying a Rakhi. This cherished festival not only celebrates the sacred promise of protection but also presents a wonderful opportunity to show appreciation and gratitude for your sibling’s uniqueness and beauty. While the traditional rituals of Rakhi are essential, gifting is an equally important aspect of the celebration, and it becomes all the more meaningful when the gift reflects their unique personalities. However, finding a gift as unique as your brother or sister can be an arduous task. But don’t you worry, For we have got you covered!. Our carefully curated  list of unique gifts will help you find the perfect Rakhi gift for your brother or sister – whatever their interests or personality may be.


As we navigate the unpredictable terrain of life, brothers stand as unwavering pillars of support, providing a consistent source of comfort and encouragement. Their role in our lives remains irreplaceable, transcending even the occasional hair-pulling and name-calling fiascos. Beyond their notorious reputation for occasional mischief and bothersome antics, brothers carve out a special place in our hearts through their exceptional companionship and steadfast loyalty. The bond we share with them is defined by shared laughter, light-hearted teasing, and, above all, their unwavering support through life’s myriad ups and downs. As you bestow upon your brothers the sacred rakhi thread and sweet delicacies, consider gifting them tokens of your affection and appreciation from our thoughtfully curated collection of “Gifts for Him” this Rakhsha Bandhan. 

Whether your brother is a fashion enthusiast, a sports aficionado, or an art connoisseur, our diverse selection of furniture and home decor accessories offers a multitude of choices to cater to his distinct preferences. For the studious brother, contemplate gifting a stylish and ergonomic armchair paired with a sturdy table lamp to enhance his workspace. If he revels in sports or is a devoted movie enthusiast, a comfortable sofa adorned with an attached side tray could be the ideal addition to his TV room, fostering a cozy atmosphere for binge-watching matches and shows together.


Whether side by side or miles apart, sisters have an innate ability to express their affection through surprising gestures, accompanying us through every twist and turn of our journey. It could be the spontaneous delight of receiving your favorite cupcakes as she returns from a coffee shop or the reassuring presence when she lends a helping hand in completing your last-minute summer projects. These thoughtfully unexpected actions never fail to elicit a smile to our face and our sisters deserve nothing less. This Rakhsha Bandhan find ‘Gifts for Her’ that encapsulate her unique interests and personality.

We all have a sister who has an inclination towards aesthetics and decor, and our curation of “Gifts for Her” are the perfect addition for her to enjoy beautifying her space. With unique gifting options like ornate mirrors, soothing printed cushion covers, elegant table lamps,or intricate handwoven trinkets, our collection of furniture and home decor will reflect her spirit and remind her of your appreciation with every passing year. Put in a little more thought behind your gift this year and let your sibling know how much you care with this exquisite collection.



To the sibling whose sense of style is impeccable and whose closet resembles a runway, finding the right gift is all about capturing their fashion-forward essence. Remember the time you stole their outfits or when they effortlessly styled you for an event, making heads turn? This Rakhi, return the favor by gifting them something that resonates with their exceptional fashion sense. Consider selecting an ornate hand-carved mirror or a minimalistic yet grandiose brass finish mirror based on their personal aesthetic from Gulmohar Lane. For the maximalist sibling, a bold and stylish accent chair or an exquisite hand-painted wall art can complement their fashionista vibe. These gifts not only reflect their taste but also add a touch of luxury to their space.


For the sibling who’s always up-to-date with the latest shows and movies, creating a cozy and inviting entertainment space is the key. Consider gifting them a handcrafted TV & media unit with ample space for all their expansive movie collection.  Pair that with a couple of soft knitted cushion covers and comforting  throws to enhance the binge-watching experience. And as an added bonus, you might even find yourself delighting in their cozy ambiance during those marathon movie nights.


Some siblings have a knack for collecting and cherishing unique items. But more often than not, those random collections only end up piling in their room, adding to the trail of mess they leave behind. For the hoarders in the family, functional yet personal gifts like unique handcrafted rattan trinkets or antique metal jewelry boxes make the perfect gifts. These charming and elegant storage solutions not only help them organize their treasures but also add a touch of sophistication to their space. So the next time your sister is not able to find her earrings on the way out to a family function, these boxes will be your time saving friends.


If your sibling’s idea of paradise involves curling up with a good book, then gifts that enhance their reading nook are the way to go. Consider items like a study table for their room or a stunning table lamp to forge a soft glow on their late night reading endeavors. A wooden floating shelf is another great gift to save some space in their room and house their beloved books. Given the hours they spent sitting across their study table, discussing literature and characters; gifting them a reclined armchair with ergonomic design is another great way to show them you care for them.


For the creatively inclined sibling, gifts that celebrate their artistic spirit hold a special significance. Explore framed art pieces or hand woven bowls and or wall decor that mirror their love for self-expression. Imagine the joy on their face as they unwrap a meticulously crafted frame, adorned with delicate brushstrokes that mirror the vibrancy of life itself. In a world where mass-produced items dominate the market, the art of hand-painting carries a sense of authenticity and personal touch that elevates any gift to a higher level.


Rekindle memories of those spirited mini sports tournaments that unfolded in your backyard. As you reflect on those days of friendly rivalry, consider channeling that sports-loving spirit into a truly exceptional gift for your sibling. Whether it’s a sports showpiece or art that captures the essence of their favorite game, these gifts will resonate deeply with their love for athleticism and camaraderie. Explore the world of vintage sports décor with decor inspired by ice hockey, skiing, or cricket theme and discover their incredible ability to craft a space that harmoniously encapsulates your sibling’s fervor for sports.


Pause to reminisce about the joyful moments you’ve savored over drinks and heartfelt conversations. For the siblings who personify a laid-back and effortlessly cool aura, A gift such as bar chairs or chic bar stools is the perfect addition to their home. These furniture pieces go beyond mere gifts; they encapsulate an essence of their personality. These items not only add a touch of sophistication to their space but also provide a spot for them to be their unabashed self  – the life of the party, brimming with charisma and charm. The allure of a bar cabinet knows no bounds as it transforms into a centerpiece during their social gatherings. As they unwind and engage in lively conversations, such an ensemble becomes a testament to your ‘cool’ sibling’s unique spirit.

Still Don’t Know What To Gift?

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