Treat your Kids to a Merry Little Christmas!

Posted on April 3rd, 2024 03:13 PM

Be it their first Christmas or fifth, the excitement that kids bring to the table or the garden in this case is simply irreplaceable and a much-needed tradition to cherish each passing year. Their tiny hands reach for the overhead shelf in an attempt to hang their stockings, and their eyes glimmer with curiosity and wonderment. Awaiting a special delivery, they keep their eyes fixated on the ticking minutes to midnight…

With all this anticipation stirring, bring the little ones a special gift this holiday season and sprinkle a bit of magic and joy into their everyday lives. Gift them toys and accessories that they can add to their playrooms and enjoy for years to follow. Here are a few unique and special Xmas gift ideas for your kids that they are sure to love, be it from you or Santa!


Scatter a soft and plush landscape of throw pillows and cushions that encapsulates the imaginative and vivid world that kids build in their dreams by gifting them cute cushion covers with animated characters and fluffy textures. With whimsical designs such as our cottontail cushion covers with adorable bunnies or our Jungle Walk collection with enchanting embroidery of their favorite furry friends and barnyard animals, our kids’ cushion covers and soothing knitted throws are the perfect gift for the toddlers in your home.


Give the little ones a snug hug and an even more enjoyable joyride with the gift of our adorable rockers. Watch their eyes twinkle with adoration and excitement as they unwrap the ever-so-soft surface of our Baby Wooly Rocker or the cuddly proportions of our Peter Potamus, an animal-shaped rocking toy.


A fan favorite from Santa, plushies and cuddly toys are a no-brainer when it comes to finding a gift for your little ones. Their playroom may be filled with an abundance of legos, barbies, or toy story characters, but the joy of having a soft zebra or dino-shaped hugsy is an evergreen choice of gift for any home with kids.

From cuddly buddies to squishy stuffed animals; toys can be incorporated into rooms and become a part of the little one’s bedtime stories. Explore our animal-inspired soft toys collection with adorable names and comforting designs.


For the little munchkins who are still at the sweet age where they have to spend most of their time in the nursery, the floppy ears and cute carrots on our Bungee Jumping Bunny Hanging Toy or the fancy flamingo on our Swaying Flamingo Hanging Toy can bring a gleeful giggle to their faces. They can be a great gifting option to adorn your newborn nieces and nephews’ cot, pram, or knob hanger in their nursery. 


For all the little explorers out there, unwrapping our Scandi-inspired Tee Pee Tent would be a delightful experience this Christmas. These DIY tents bring a sense of nature into their space and welcome a mood of adventure to their room. They can be a den for their daytime naps or even a secret reading nook for their favorite storybook or activity book.


This Christmas season, unwrap joy in its purest form as you bring Gulmohar Lane’s uniquely handcrafted toys and accessories to your kids’ playroom and watch their eyes glimmer with excitement! These gifts are not just a plaything for when your little troublemakers are bored, they are an investment in their imagination and creativity. Hence, as the wrapping papers slip away, unlock a world full of endless play and limitless possibilities for your little ones with Gulmohar Lane’s Kids Collection.


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