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Leather Sofas

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Luxe Living with Handcrafted Leather Sofas

Regardless of whether your interiors have a clean contemporary or opulent art deco aesthetic, mid century modern or scandi minimal aesthetic, handcrafted high-quality leather sofas offer an irrevocably unique and captivating look that blend seamlessly with any interior style. Sinking in, lying down or lounging, whatever your preferred way of relaxation may be, our diverse range of luxurious leather sofas in both contemporary and classic styles bring the perfect spot for you to rejuvenate. Crafted in the highest quality genuine and vegan leathers, our modern leather sofa designs are the perfect cozy spots for you to unwind after a long day, or the glamorous landscape for you to enjoy a catch-up with old friends over cocktails. So whether you are looking to buy a compact two seater sofa for a cozy apartment corner, a stylish colonial three seater sofa with rattan for additional seating in your bedroom or a hand-tufted Chesterfield style four seater sofa to lay the foundation for your grandiose living room, our all encompassing collection has a myriad of choices to choose from.

Let your living spaces be an odyssey of luxury and splendor with Gulmohar Lane’s meticulously handcrafted leather sofa sets, sectionals, couches and daybeds in premium leather upholstery - including scrunched vintage leather, Italian leather and faux leather options in a variety of rich textures and tones.

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Although there are many different types of leatherette materials available for leather sofas online, Genuine leather or premium leather are the most comfortable and durable kinds of leather for sofas. With proper care they can last a lifetime without losing their luxurious appeal and can also be coloured in aniline dyes to enhance the leather’s naturally rich patina and texture. These luxury leather sofa sets can come in a variety of textures & finishes including Scrunched Vintage Genuine Leather, Italian Premium Leather, Vegan Leather and more.

When you imagine a Leather sofa, the first image that pops up in your head will surely be that of a brawny Brown Leather Sofa. The most popular colour choice if you buy leather sofa online for your bedroom or leather sofas for living room, is evidently shades of brown. Covering a palette of rich chocolatey browns to muddy tan tones - classic leather sofa designs like Chesterfields & Harrington give a rich timeless look in brown with their tufted silhouette. Other timeless leather sofa choices include Ebony Black, Slate and Ivory toned leathers for a classic look. However as the times evolve more and more people are also veering towards brighter Berry Red, Olive and Indigo tones for a more eclectic aesthetic that is captivating yet equally pleasing to the eye.

Vegan leather or Faux Leather, is a material that looks and feels very much like real leather but is crafted entirely out of man-made hide. It is made out of plant-based materials and gives the added benefit of having porous water resistant surfaces. Vegan leather sofas are thus a great alternative for genuine leather sofas and provide easy cleaning and low-maintenance properties.

Vegan leather sofas and couches are a great man-made leather alternative to achieving the luxurious look and feel of genuine leather sofas in your living room while also staying sustainable. It is made out of plant-based materials, is waterproof and very easy to care for which adds to its appeal and makes it the perfect option for family homes with kids.

Regular cleaning or vacuuming can ensure that your pure leather sofa remains looking fresh for a long period of time. You should moisturize and condition the leather with high-quality leather conditioners every few months to contain its natural oils, prevent cracks and and keep it supple.

Leather sofa set prices can often be on the high-end side for the sole reason that leather is a material that gains more value as it ages. But to maintain its luster over the years, it requires regular dustings, vacuuming, and conditioning. In case of any accidental spills, rubbing a specialized chemical-free leather cleaning solution with a microfiber cloth in soft circular motions lifts up any dirt and helps you clean your leather sofa at home with ease.


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