A Dive into the Mid-Century Aesthetics

Posted on June 15th, 2019 01:54 PM

After the World War II many Bauhaus architects and designers migrated to America as a result of changes in Germany. Desperate for creativity after the war, these famed designers took war materials and molded them into iconic chairs, tables and lights, thus coining the term ‘Mid- Century Modern Style’. Mid-century modern refers to pieces from the 40s, 50s and 60s, which pushed the limits of engineering. A Mid-Century modern style is based on many factors, it gives us clean lines, gentle organic curves and love for different materials.

Today we dive into the world of Mid-Century, decoding its many facets while helping you create this look!


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The traditional mid-century palette ranged from bright hues in the 1950s to earthy colours in the 1960s, so the style works with many different shades. Be ready for pops of red or olive upholstery. Also, muted colors and pastels work really well together, when looking to create this look - this combination never goes out of style!


Despite the development of innovative new materials such as plastic, fiberglass and laminates, timber sustained popularity throughout the mid-20th century, with designers favouring durable hardwoods such as teak, cherry, maple and beech. Thus, wooden aesthetic is a key to creating a mid-century aura. Streamlined timber pieces with tapered legs should be your showstoppers!


A pop of pattern and a few plants will have you sorted for some serious mid-century vibes. oversized floral prints and patterns on upholstery and wall (wallpaper and wall art) along with some indoor plants provide fresh juxtaposition to the overall clean and straight line dynamic of mid-century furniture.


A checklist of Gulmohar Lane designs that you can effortlessly fit into your own inspired interiors full of 50’s wonder.


With its low-slung seating, tapered legs and distinctive look, a Mid-Century Modern sofa can be the focal point of your home's throwback vibe. Its raw, exposed material finish is just the cherry on top of its inherently stylish low-angled form. The result is a style that is known for its beautiful, clean look that incorporates both organic and geometric forms - two seemingly opposite interpretations of form that somehow complement each other when mixed right.

One of the finest pieces from Gulmohar Lane’s collection, the defining element of our Bombay Sofa is its continuous back and arms. The backrest and the armrests are put at an equal height, making the whole elevated support look like a singular element which results in a sleeker, more minimalist look that resonates with Mid-century Modern sofa design concepts. It’s hand tufting is something that beautifully contrasts the rhythm of straight lines.

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Wooden accents and a nod to nature along with tapered legs are integral parts of this design era and this is exactly what our Bombay Side Table collection achieves. The grainy wooden texture with art deco legs of this mid-century inspired furniture makes for a stately and modern upgrade to your bedside or sofa side. The silhouette is imbued with a sense of understated and quiet luxury where the wooden frame provides warmth and grace to the entire design.


Inspired from the looks of the mid-century sculptural chair, our Bombay House Armchair is reimagined to marry form and function. A hallmark of Mid-century style, sculptural chair’s upholstery was often stripped of excess padding to reveal the frames, just as the art world was stripping forms back into abstract shapes. The ergonomically designed structure of our Bombay House Armchair resonates this aesthetic while making for a perfect ensemble to relax, read or enjoy a fine conversation. Featuring curved wooden arms, carved from a single piece of wood, with cushioned backrest and seat, this design is sure to lend a polished and classic estate look to any interior arrangement.

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Mid-century Modern chaise lounges and other accents are unique in that unlike most other seating archetypes, these ones are known for having only a portion of a backrest or none at all. Enter, our Venice collection, comprising of a bench, a bar chair and a side table design.

A design with a twist, Venice bench (wooden and upholstered) achieves perfect balance between a dramatic form and a symmetrical aesthetic. Executed in graceful textured wood, Venice Side Table Cum Stool will add a hint of heirloom charm to your spaces, while its thoughtfully designed curved top will fill onlookers with awe. Break the monotony of straight lines with Venice Bar Chair. Its thoughtfully curved back piece with low back design will add a comfortable seating to your breakfast bar.

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Mid-century modern coffee tables are characterised by clean, simple lines and bent wood construction. Most of the time, this piece of furniture has a simple finish to show off the material’s natural beauty.

Our Napensea Coffee Table achieves this notion along with the principle of ‘form meets functionality’ in the most fashionable way. With clean lines and wooden aesthetic, it is a timeless option to complement any style. Double drawers accessible from both the sides provide easy storage and the raw texture brings out the beautiful grains of the wood.

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Mid-century puts practicality and functionality at the forefront of its furniture designs, often developing new and exciting multifunctional systems for flexible living. A notable example is our newly launched Malabar Hill Collection. Our Malabar Hill Collection, comprising of a side table, a bed and a chest of drawers, narrates the story of fine hand-craftsmanship of an era gone by yet relevant in modern times. Steeped in South Bombay style décor, the pieces beautifully juxtapose wood & metal, with a touch of warmth and complete with rounded soft corners.

While the drawers, in both the side tables and the chest of drawers, offer plenty of storage for all your belongings, the tabletop provides for a perfect platform for a utility station or a display setup. Moreover, the wooden headboard, in Malabar Hill bed design, features Panels with groove detailing, while the base is adorned with splayed & tapered metal legs.

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Not just these, here are some more styles that will help you achieve the perfect mid-century look.

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Designed for everybody, mid-century style uses sleek and uncluttered lines with hints of minimal organic curves to create functional furniture decorated with minimal ornamentation and executed in juxtaposition of different and sometimes contrasting materials. Find a piece that echoes a mix of these characteristics and build around it to create either a period or a new age mid-century home. Begin your hunt, right at www.gulmoharlane.com!